BIQU B1 SE PLUS 3D Printer Upgrade 32Bit Control Board Full Metal Extruder With TMC Drive Automatic Leveling DIY 3D Drucker Kit

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Tracy Spiva
Hot end needs some help...

I can't find ANYTHING about the hotend anywhere and how to get replacement parts for it. I snapped my heatbreak on like day 3 and rebuilt it with some spares I had here but I really want real spare parts if possible. If not possible, can I get info on what to do for a replacement? With the integrated bed sensor it makes it kind of limiting on what we can put in and I'm not sure what would work as a replacement.

Also, I would like to know where to buy additional control boards or hot end assemblies. I would like something like but for this printer.

Hello, if you have any product problems, please 'submit a ticket' from BIQU Equipment, and choose it from the site map. The professional technical personnel will soon settle down your confusion. Here is the link.

Have a nice day!

Masood Raoofi
BIQU B1 SE Plus - excellent value for the price

This printer has all the nice features right out of the box e.g. ABL, Filament runout sensor, Power loss detection, large 310mm X 310mm glass bed (easy to remove prints), color touch screen & much more. The print quality is excellent, my first print job was a 3 plus day long, I had no issues. In 3D printers, getting the first layer right is crucial. With this printer during printing there is menu on the touch screen LCD which allows you to make fine tuning (to temp, nozzle level, speed…). This ensures a perfect first layer, every time. The bed leveling is far superior than other printers in the market - it relies on the nozzle to touch the bed, there is no visible leveling sensor on the outside. It performs 36 point leveling. The only thing missing is dual Z-Axis which I think you MUST upgrade right out of the box (a kit is available form BIQU). I highly recommend this printer for first time 3D printer buyers as well as the pros. It gets 4.5 stars from me because of single z-Axis - I guess this is how they are able to keep the price so low. OK I will give it 5 stars :-) because I am very pleased with my BIQU B1 SE Plus 3D Printer.