Combo Deal - HDMI+Manta+CB1

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Screen: HDMI5
Conrol Board with TMC drivers: Manta M4P+4PCS TMC2209
Core Board: CB1
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Popular Klipper Solution - Screen+Control Board+Core Board

HDMI Screen: 

  • Optional HD IPS screen. The resolution of the 7-inch screen is 1024*600, while the 5-inch screen is 800*480. Adopt IPS capacitive touch screen, support 5-point touch.

  • Plug and Play. Simply connect the screen to the device via the HDMI port and power the Type C port to make it functional without installing any drivers. This screen is great for 3d printer users to DIY their projects, and it can perfectly be compatible with the Manta series motherboard plus CB1. Let it add a more seamless visual experience to your printer system.

  • Adjustable brightness and display direction. You can increase the brightness via the Ks1 button, Ks3 for decreasing, and Ks2 for 180° display direction adjustment (Refer to the following product detail image).

  • Support audio output. Built-in audio decoding circuit, supports 3.5mm headphone jack audio output. 3.5mm audio interface transmits the audio signal without noise and current, giving you pure and delicate sound.

  • 4pin XH2.54 breakout port. The 4-pins XH2.54 breakout port allows custom connection via USB protocol, as well as screen independent power (DC 5V), giving users more DIY options.

Manta M4P/M5P/M8P Board:

  • An Innovative and Easier Way to Run Your Klipper

Manta M4P/M5P/M8P are born for Klipper running, they allow a direct installation of the BIGTREETECH CB1/Raspberry Pi CM4 to run the Linux system, then the Klipper.

  • Board-to-Board Connector

Designed with the same connector as Raspberry Pi, giving you a confident connection with all versions of CM4, and definitely, CB1 or CB1 eMMC. A screw-reinforced installation is available, too.

CB1 Core Board:

The CB1 core board has the same size as Raspberry Pi CM4 and can work well on BTT Manta boards or PI4B. CB1 is the money-saving solution of CM4 to run Klipper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Теоман Ялчън

Great update for ender 5 plus. I recommend

Charles Murphy
Perfect - In every way

I bought the combo deal of the Manta M5P, CB1, HDMI5, TMC2209 drivers, and the free heatsink for the CB1 as a replacement for my dead Trigorilla board in my Anycubic Chiron. The new parts were not only a replacement but a HUGE upgrade. I am now running Klipper and Mainsail and the printer is printing better than it ever has! I am so happy and considering upgrading my two other printers to BTT products. I would love to test and review new products for this company as I have never found a brand I can be more loyal to!

The Manta M5P is a beast that has more than enough pins and connectors to power everything you could need, in my case dual Z axis and a single extruder.

The CB1 is the heart of the board and does the heavy lifting replacing the PI for Klipper use and is in itself a piece of incredible technology.

The HDMI5 gave me a color touch screen that is more responsive than my cell phone. The color is beautiful and sharp.

The TNC2209drivers are so quiet and the ability to use sensorless homing for the X and Y axis is a game changer.

Maybe the best part of all of this is when you load the images from the BTT Github all of the hard work is already done for you! Klipperscreen - installed, ADXL support - installed, it was all already done! Made the switch to Klipper so easy and smooth.

I would give these products 10 stars if that was an option.
(My wife considers the ducks the best part of the purchase, she loves the little touches like those)