BIQU Hermit Crab V1.0 Rapid Tool Changer for Extruder Hotend Quick Change

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Style: Only the Linear Rail 320mm (for Ender 3 V2 Printer)
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Style: Only the Linear Rail 320mm (for Ender 3 V2 Printer)

Note: The hermit crab V1.0 has been discontinued, and the new version is V2.0 


Quick Changer of Hotends

Customer Reviews

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Daniil S.
Does the Crab Can version support the H2O 500°C extruder?

Does the Can version or standard version support the H2O extruder? Or both?

can wiring without usb-c?

hi, please tell me if/how it is possible to wire for can connection to hermit crab *without* using the usbc cable? are the can input pins available anywhere on the hermicrab base board?

Hello! Thanks for your comment, hermit crabs do require a USB C connection. I hope you found this helpful and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

Ibrahim C.

Its a good product but it's would be better with more pin for termistor or cartridge hotend for exemple set a pellet extruder or silicone extruder. I would like to set a pellet extruder with tow thermistor in my case.

Was a bit hard to find complete documentation on how to wire it to a Manta M8P v1.1

The nice thing about all this is that once you get it to work, it's amazing.

Here's a tip for the CAN link between the M8P v1.1 and the Hermit Crab CAN Tool Board (aka you don't need the pi can hat):

Jay O.

Hello, this isn’t a review because I haven’t purchased one yet, that being said, I love the design and functionality of it. It looks amazing and looks f good quality. Only time will tell. I want to purchase one for my Ender 5 s1 and I’m not sure if it will fit.. if someone from the hermit crab team would kinky respond to this “review” or email me back I would greatly appreciate it..

Hello! Yes, They can be used together. I hope this is helpful.