BIQU 9th Anniversary - Warming up Contest

HBB Keyboard for Klipper Design Contest


What is the HBB keyboard?

The ultimate macro keyboard designed for Klipper – express your personal style on the keycaps and personalize your workspace. Plus, the Fe version comes with a stunning transparent PCB, making it a stylish and functional addition to your printer.

How to Participate?

  • Design: DIY keycaps or a keyboard case for the HBB Keyboard based on the provided parameters.
    👉Download the files here: HBB Print Parts
  • Submit: Upload your 3D printed design files, photos, or videos for the HBB keyboard to our official website. 
  • Entry Format: Photos or videos of the 3D printed keycaps or keyboard case for HBB keyboard, add a description to express your idea in words or the process behind it. 
    *Optional original 3D model files.
  • Voting: Cast your votes through our official website.

*Share your design with others to maximize visibility and increase your chances of winning!

Voting Period: May 16th (GMT+8) - May 27th (GMT+8)


🥇Grand Prize: Klipper Touch x1 + BIGTREETECH Pi 2 x1 + BTT Duck x20

🥈Tier 2: Klipper Touch x1 + BTT Duck x15

🥉Tier 3: Klipper Touch x1 + BTT Duck x10

💡Best Creative Award: Selected by BIGTREETECH, the winner will receive Klipper Touch x1 + BTT Duck x10

(*There are also some great HBB awards waiting for you!)


  • All entries must be uploaded to the official website to be eligible for voting.
  • Participants will be allowed up to 3 entries but must not submit the same design more than once. Please upload each model separately.
  • Entries that are not compatible with the HBB keyboard will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be original. Plagiarism or copying someone else's work will result in disqualification.
  • The Best Creative Award will be selected by BTT.
  • Winners of the popular vote awards are not eligible for multiple positions.