5pcs/Lot E3D V6 Throat Heat Break Hotend Throat All Metal or Teflon Tube Stainless Steel for 1.75/3.0mm Bowden&Direct J-head

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1.75mm with Teflon Bowden
3.0mm with Teflon Bowden
1.75mm All Metal Bowden
1.75mm with Teflon Direct
3.0mm with Teflon Direct
1.75mm All Metal Direct
3.0mm All Metal Direct
Bore 4.1mm
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Brand Name: BIQU
Product name: V6 bowden direct throat
Type: Throat
Item Type: Teflon / All Metal / Bore 4 1 mm
Material :
 Stainless steel
Fit for: 3D V6 j-head
Usage: 3D printer parts
Size: 1.75/3.0mm
Inner diameter: 2mm for 1.75mm filament
                           3.2mm for 3.00mm filament





About Bore 4.1mm

Bore Diameter:4.1mm is suitable both 1.75 and 3.0mm filament.
heat skin Screw Size: M7
heat block Screw Size: M6

Length: 22mm

Material: stainless steel with Teflon tube
Filament: both 1.75mm and 3.0mm