BTT SFS V1.0 Smart Filament Sensor Detection Stuck Blocking Filament Module

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Purchase link for SFS V2.0 👇BTT SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor 3d Printing Module For Mastering The Filament State

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The Scientific Hobbyist
Works great with Octoprint with a RPi

I installed and tested this sensor with Octoprint running on a Raspberry Pi and it works great. Since the Octoprint software ignores the built in filament sensors for many printers, this sensor was a great way around that problem. Since it also detects tangles and full clogs, it really is an excellent sensor for those using Octoprint. The video attached details the wiring and installation for a setup running Octoprint on a RPi4

Steve Potvin
Great project saver.

It has made such a great difference in my being able to focus on other things while printing. Before having this sensor I always felt like I had to watch dog my printers. Now I can get other things done while the printers are doing their thing.

Jozef Budai

BTT SFS V1.0 Smart Filament Sensor Detection Stuck Blocking Filament Module


Can someone tell me if I can use this with the octupus max ez? And if yes wich pin I have to use in on?

Ryan Upton

This has saved headaches for those overnight prints. It's the 2nd one I've bought (just modified to print dual filament, so now I have one for each extruder)


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