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Needs improvement

Works well in itself. But a print Review and the ability to switch to other languages (for example German) would be very desirable.

Alles super bis jetzt. 👍

Bis jetzt alles ok. Hoffe die anderen Firmware ist auch kompatible sonst ist es nicht mehr interessant.

I like it

Works pretty good with my P1S. I would like to be able to see thumbnail images of my print. I hope that the collaboration with Bambulab will continue to work smoothly in the future

Works perfectly as intended and adds a nice touch screen to my P1S printer!

I’m very glad your team at the very least made things right with the initial launch of the product and gave everyone a $10 discount due to the nature of the purchasing dilemma caused upon release and I am grateful to companies such as BTT to make things right with their customers. The Panda Touch is great if you’re looking to have a touch screen for just a little more than making one yourself except now the Panda touch also has the engineering work and expertise behind it you would expect from a full launched product without the headache of a DIY build. I look forward to the software improvements they can implement and the UI customization option they can add and also my personal 2cents to please add a battery life indicator in the top left or right of the display please would be very helpful☺️Thank you BTT and have a great one!

Love my panda

Worlds better than the stock screen on the P1s, easy to navigate, exactly what I wanted when I ordered it. Can't wait to see how the Panda Touch evolves.

I like it. It is clear and give me control over all of my printers.

It gives me control over my P1 as well as my X1 and is mobile. I'm looking forward to having it control more than just Bambu machines. I'd like it to expand to Klipper based machines, which is where I think the industry as a whole is going.

Amazing extruder

Light, High quality and exclusive view. I love it!

BIGTREETECH Manta M4P/M8P/M5P Control Board running Klipper with CB1/CM4

Good drivers

Bought the 5160 EZ drivers. They were easy to install and I am running them at 48v @ 1.5 amps easily with two 3010 fans blowing down on them. LDO 2504AC motors are very quiet!


this extruder really does the job ; it is compact, powerful and most of all the filament doesn't slip.

BIQU Hermit Crab V2.0 Quick Change Extruder Hotend Tool for 3D Printing


Got this to replace the one I accidentally fried while upgrading my Chiron.
10 stepper drivers lets me connect all the stock parts, add 3 new extruders and still have 2 free ports for either a laser or an additional 2 extruders.

I’m quite happy that it has all the pinouts listed to use with Klipper as it made it easy to wire up and configure. Even the mini12864 works.

Only problem I had was that I enabled the diagnostics on the z-axes and couldn’t get the stock optical endstops to work until I disabled it. One or the other.

It’s a great board that could be made better with the option for standard stepper drivers instead of the EZ ones. (Or as well as)

Super für Klipper

Hab mir zwei screens für meine Drucker gekauft welche beide mit Klipper laufen. Was soll man sagen? Ist Plug and Play. Würde ich wieder kaufen 👍🏼

BIQU Hurakan Klipper 3D Printer

Love the Panda Touch

I’m glad to have a quicker access to my printer settings and files for quick to print options. I am super happy with my purchase and can’t wait to see what updates are in store for us.

Great device

Works fine, if network is in double frequency mode (2.4 & 5 GHz with the same name) very rarely can loose connection (happened only once for me). It would be cool if somehow we can add user profiles to filament selection menu! Looking forward for future firmware updates:)

Works perfectly

Setup and installation were quick and easy, has worked perfectly since. Great addition to my P1S.

Works a treat

Connects and does exactly what it says! So nice to have a bigger screen on my P1S. Mounted just above the original screen I just love how easy it all was to put together and set up.

Amazing upgrade

The panda touch one looks amazing on the P1s. Is it something you need, no but man does it feel good to have.

Great board

What a great board, super easy to get Klipper up and running! Shipping was fast and reliable!

Best upgrade ever.

Best upgrade for any p series user. Gives all functionality you want and even more. So glad I made the purchase.

Almost perfect for P1S

I'm honestly a big fan of the Panda Touch. It provides a lot of the quality of life that's missing from the p1s as opposed to the x1c. I like being able to set temperatures quickly without pressing the arrow buttons multiple times. I have the yet to take advantage of the multi connectivity, but that is also promising. some of the UI elements, and I'm honestly really just talking about the bay bed raising buttons could use some slight modifications. It is really non-intuitive to know that the top button lowers the bed and the bottom button raises it. But it's not broken in any real way, and I'm very happy with it overall.

BIQU H2 V2.0 Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

Nice piece of kit

Overall pleased with the board. However the driver chips are really hard to get out. I managed to damage a socket. Don't apply any side force if you remove them.

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