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Little Wonder

The BTT SFS works perfectly with my printer and Klipper,
I recommend it to everyone ...

Great Product with Great Customer Service

I have several printers all of which are running the EBB36. Great CAN hardware that makes really helps simplify and makes troubleshooting a breeze. My original package was lost by a local courier, but upon contacting BIQU about it they were extremely helpful, and quickly helped rectify the issue and re-sent the order at no additional charge. Great company that is active in growing the community by providing nothing but the best hardware, documentation and service. All my printers use BTT hardware and find it very unlikely that will ever change.

BIGTREETECH TMC2209 V1.3 Stepper Motor Driver

Great upgrade

A more intuitive way to interact with your 3D printer.

LDO-42STH48-2504AC RevA Motor Driver


Awesome Board

I really like the quality and value of these compare to RAMPS. The layout is nice. I'm glad they're still available.

Looking good!

I set it up on the CB1+Pi4B adapter using the IO2CAN adapter and it boots right up with nothing more than uncommenting overlays=tft35_spi mcp2515 in the BoardEnv.txt file
Looks great and seems to respond well to touch.
Super easy to setup.

Good Board but..

The Board ist working good, perfekt for Corona 2.4 but the documentation for CAN could bei better

Small good readable display

Small good display , easy to install on pi, all screws in the package.

- documentation is not good. No pinout and no files. (Only for v3 with the knob)

Ender-3 Upgrade Dual Z Kit


BIGTREETECH Manta M4P/M8P/M5P Control Board running Klipper with CB1/CM4

great printer for the price

I bought my B1 from Microcenter as it was on sale for $150. I used it to replace my Creality Ender 3 Pro. I have nothing good to say about the Ender 3 pro. In comparison, the B1 is much easier to learn and printed well as soon as it was assembled. The only downside is that the voltage button is covered by the chassis, making it hard to see and flip if you need to switch it (Lucky for me, I did not). I have not upgraded my firmware and the prints have come out really great. I have only done several small prints so far (assembled into a larger item). I am doing my first large print right now to see how that turns out (going to take 4 days.) Due to my poor experience with the Ender 3 pro, I am afraid to attempt to use the resume functions on the B1. The B1 has the double OS, which means I have the Biqu OS and the Marlin 2.0 firmware. I like the Biqu firmware much better as it is much easier to navigate through and is touch screen (the Marlin OS is not touch screen). I wish I could move my CR Touch over to the B1, but I have found several sites saying that its wiring is different. So I will be looking to get a BL Touch and an enclosure for my machine in the near future.

Quick delivery, good products and customer service!

Fast delivery. Very well packed! 0.9 LDO motors work great. Havent been able to test the Electronics and the screen yet. So far all good!


One of the kind.

Great opportunity to get full control of your printer, using Marlin and touchscreen at same time, babysitting option are great to change z-offset during the print. Great upgrade for my old Anycubic Mega-s (bord required). Recommend

Mega Zero upgrade.

A decent upgrade to any Anycubic MZ colour screen looks good and firmware is easy to compile for it.

My Favourite upgrade.

Many printers come with noisy boards and fixed drivers, so every time its a case of buying one of these boards, I printed a board adapter to suit my case and out one of these in. Firmwares a doddle to tailor to my machine and more fan ports than you can shake a stick at. Motors are silent and runs sweet as a nut. This is my 3rd board now.

SKR Mini E3 V3+TFT35

Dorazilo do týdne takže překvapen. Vše funguje perfektně. Chybí označení orientace TFT kabelu pro připojení na mini desku

Both EBB's work great in regards of CAN and the features applied, but...

the EBB36's hole distance only fits to a 42 Motor, but not to 36! Therefore I don't know why the name. Of course, the form factor is different. But, the 42 is easier to connect, because some of the connectors are not that tiny as on the 36. I got both and now I would recommend to go for the 42, as I can't see any real benefits for the 36. Not even the form factor. Maybe it is good for some very special arrangements.
In regards of the features applied, they are both great products.

Perhaps the best H2 combi

Even if you not plan to print at high temperature, the 500°C Edition brings some great benefits for just little more money compared to the standard edition. Heating up is much faster due to the 70W cartridge. Together with the higher heat capacity of the copper heat block it allows much higher flow rates. And that means faster printing. Finally you get a full metal hotend made from titanium, which gives a better defined melting zone and prevents clogging. And you get a very precise high temperature sensor. And finally, if you really need, you can print at high temperature.

Ender 3 V2

Muy buena placa, ha cambiado mi Ender 3 V2, ahora tiene instalado doble eje Z y Bl touch y va de maravilla.

I am so glad that I have purchased a genuine BL-Touch

I was using a triangle labs 3D touch which was at most okay it was not measuring reliably
After a year or so it started to completely go out of accuracy
Every reading was different than one other at same point
So I purchased a genuine one and it differs a lot from knock offs
it measures reliably also it's build quality is way more higher

BIGTREETECH PI4B Adapter V1.0 for CM4 or CB1

Superb transaction

Received the two HDMI5 screens in perfect shape and they are working flawlessly. Superb transaction, will be back for more 😀👍