3D printer accessories CNC Engraving Machines DIY Aluminum Coupling 5*8 and 5*5

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Model Number: WZC000026, WZC000027
Color: Bule
Material: Aluminum
Size: 5*8MM / 5*5MM
Usege: 3D printer CNC engraving machines
High: 25mm
Outer diameter : 14mm
Inner diameter: 5 and 8mm
Dimensions: 14 x 25mm





   Fixed Couplers are used to Connect Stepper Servo AC DC motors to Ball screw or Lead screw
they are widely used to build CNC Router,CNC Plasma, CNC Mill, CNC Laser and many 
automation machines.Widely used in hardware,molds, and the occasion of the mechanical 
Suitable For: connecting two axis with different diameters, can also be connected with a motor axis, or connecting shafts of different diameters. Between the transmission member can do both screw can do model remote control boat propeller shaft and the motor power. 


Packing List:

1* Blue Aluminum Coupling( 5*5 or 5*8mm) / 5* Blue Aluminum Coupling( 5*5 or 5*8mm)