BTT SKR Pico V1.0 Control Board Compatible with Raspberry PI for Voron V0

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Product Description:

BTT SKR Pico V1.0 is a customized motherboard designed for the VORON V0 printer, which was launched by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd. 

Key Features:

  • Brand-new Version for Voron V0& V0.1. Featured with Raspberry Pi ARM Cortex- Mo+ MCU PR2040, Bigtreetech SKR Pico V1.0 upgraded on ID design, which coexists of stylish appearance and excellent performances, ideal choice for Voron players. The fuse kit consists of fuse and holder, which enables easy disassembling and installation. Type-C interface allows for main control communication.

  • Perfectly match With Raspberry Pi. With the Raspberry Pi board frame, Raspberry Pi can be perfectly installed on BTT SKR Pico V1.0, saving internal space. The unique lateral design of SKR Pico‘s seat perfectly matches the space characteristics of the Voron V0 and V0.1 machine that needs to be fixed to the motherboard longitudinally.

  • Mute Printing & Premium Capacitors. Featured with TMC2209 mute driver UART mode, SKR PICO V1.0 supports mute 3D printing. The main version of the chip capacitor (MLCC) adopts high-quality Murata capacitors to enhance the product's quality.

  • Upgraded Heat Dissipation. Upgrade the design of the heat sink and increase the heat dissipation area. Increased controllable fan enables to lower the temperature of the whole machine when the it's working, effectively solving problems related to heat dissipation, and improving on the heat dissipation.

For more detailed information:

How to install SKR PICO motherboard on the Voron 0.1:

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

which display is good for this board?

Great little board, but

The screw terminals seems very fragile..

Corey Blake
Great Board

I like the compact size and its easily to install Klipper quickly. Up in running in no time. Would recommend.

Paul Taylor
it's poggers

slaps. documentation is lacking in some areas. better cfgs for klipper and bltouch combo would be appreciated. great packaging and came super fast. I would prefer to have another driver for a dual z axis instead of a setup that splits the output from one driver. this solution causes issues. I love the aesthetic of this board.

James M.
Great little board

Documentation is good and it is an easy setup. I am currently working on putting together a klipper config with this board for a Monoprice Mini delta and have a second I will be installing into a Monoprice Mini Select V2. These boards are a huge upgrade and much smaller than the stock boards. As always great value and great performance.