1M ID 2mm OD 4mm Teflon PTFE Bawden Pipe +2/3pcs Quick Fit Couping 1.75mm Filament for E3D V5 E3D V6 J-head

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Model Number: E3D V6Type: OtherProduct code:  KIT018usage: For 3D printer partCondition: New 100%Stock: In stockPlace of region: Guangdong,China(Mainland) Packing List 1:Tube Teflon 2*4 1.75mm *1V6 connector  PC4-01 *2Packing List 2:Tube Teflon 2*4 1.75mm *1(HSP)KJ 04-M6 MM gold connector *2V6 connector  PC4-01 *1

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Model Number: E3D V6
Type: Other
Product code:  KIT018
usage: For 3D printer part
Condition: New 100%
Stock: In stock
Place of region: Guangdong,China(Mainland)


Packing List 1:
Tube Teflon 2*4 1.75mm *1
V6 connector  PC4-01 *2

Packing List 2:

Tube Teflon 2*4 1.75mm *1
(HSP)KJ 04-M6 MM gold connector *2
V6 connector  PC4-01 *1



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