ADXL 345 Accelerometer Board for 36 Stepper Motors

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Product introduction

ADXL345 V1.0 is a nozzle three-axis accelerometer board made by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen Biqu Technology Co., Ltd. for 36 stepper motor extruders. It can be connected to the motherboard through the ZH1.5 6Pin socket.



1. One end of ADXL345 V1.0 cable adopts ZH1.5 6Pin plug, and the other end adopts 2.54mm 6*1Pin DuPont head 70cm, which can be easily compatible with motherboards without ADXL345 socket, and the cable is 70cm, which is convenient for users to DIY.

2. It can be directly installed on the 36-stepper motor, which is convenient to fix.

3. Using SPI communication, it can be directly connected to the main board 5V power supply.

4. ADXL345 is a 3-axis accelerometer with an optional measurement range of ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g or ±16 g, 13-bit resolution. The ability to measure both dynamic accelerations due to motion or shock, as well as stationary acceleration, such as gravitational acceleration, allows the device to function as a tilt sensor.

Instructions Reference

The wiring in the link is directly connected to the Raspberry Pi. 


1. The ADXL345BCCZ three-axis accelerometer needs to have a stable installation plane, otherwise, it will affect its measurement accuracy.

2. Note that the board is powered by 5V, and 5V and GND cannot be reversely connected.


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Looks good, but I got the wrong part so now I have 2 I dont need