2023 SHINING GO Keychain (Limited Edition, 3 Styles)

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●Enamel baking process.
●No rust. No fading.
●Not for Sale.
●Limited quantity.
●Only given as a gift for the BIQU SHINNING GO promotion.

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BIGTREETECH 2023 Limited Edition Customized Keychain

1、Adopt famous Chinese enamel craftsmanship.

Enamel is a composite material that combines inorganic glass materials with metal alloys, is applied to the surface of objects, and is fired at high temperatures to form a composite material. The enamel production process is very complex and requires multiple processes and firing steps. After firing, the enamel will form a smooth, hard protective film that perfectly brings out the color and texture. In ancient China, enamel was used to decorate metal vessels and gemstones.

2.、All made of metal alloy materials

Made of metal alloy, cut in one go, without any welding, does not rust or fade, and the solid material greatly improves the durability of the keychain.

3、Wide scope of application

The extra large key ring with a diameter of 2.7cm can be adapted to most household keys and is also suitable for car keys. Hanging it as a decoration on your bag is also a good choice.

4. Limited edition

This keychain will only be given away as a limited gift in 2023 and will not be sold.


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