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BIQU Terminator

Terminator came yesterday. And, as his name is, he "terminated" me. I am only talking about the technical elements. Robust, excellent engineering execution, formidable appearance, extremely precise in all elements, to the last screw. Also provided with two 4010 fans, for those who want a more aggressive cooling. If until recently I dreamed of the perfect extruder, Terminator almost made this dream come true. I say almost because I was happy if there was also an option for Hermit Crab. But, being also made of metal, the adaptation is very easy. I have partially dismantled it and only a few precise holes are needed. The project I started three years ago, when I bought the first elements, kept getting upgraded "because of BIQU". Only the "adventure" of the extruder went through BIQU H2, BIQU H2 500℃, BIQU H2O, BIQU H2 V2S Lite and now BIQU Terminator. It's not a problem because now all my printers will now be "BIQUnized". Minus the Hermit Crab adaptation and water cooling, this extruder is simply perfect. At least constructively and qualitatively. I can't wait to read about users who have printed with it. Anyway, thanks BIQU!


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