BIQU H2 V2S Lite Extruder

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H2 V2S Lite Extruder Complete Kit
Only Nozzle (1.75/0.6mm)
Only Heating Block
Only Throat Tube
Only MicroProbe
Other Brass Nozzle (1.75/0.4mm)
Other Hardened Steel Nozzle (1.75/0.4mm)
Other Hardened Steel Nozzle (1.75/0.6mm)
Other Nano-coated gears (2pcs)
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Product Description

Lighter and Better Heat Dissipation

Featuring a hollow-out design with a visible inner structure, H2 V2S Lite weighs only 175g, which contributes to less inertia and more accurate positioning.

Rapid Cooling

At the same time, the airflow is also improved to give better heat dissipation. Plus the heatsink and fan, H2 V2S Lite realizes a highly effective cooling.

Higher Flow. Faster Printing

Using a 0.6mm brass nozzle, and a longer heater block, H2 V2S Lite can output 45mm³/s to meet faster printing needs.

Labor-Saving Lever

The upgraded lever, a labor-saving and convenient design, eliminates the need to continuously hold the handle when inserting or removing filament.

Quick Detach Heat Break

Now, with the quick detach design, you are allowed to remove the heat break by simply using a hex key,making maintaining much easier and more convenient.

Dual Gear Feeding

Featuring a dual-gear system to provide an exceptional pushing force, ensuring smooth feeding and giving snappy retractions.

Adjustable Filament Loading Tension

Simply rotate the tension screw to accommodate different filaments, improving the printing success rate.

Wide Compatibility

It can collaborate with BIQU B1, BIQU BX Ender-3, Voron 2.4, Voron V0, and Vzbot.

What's in the Box

It includes an extruder, user manual, cooling fan, cables, screws and so on.

Details Make Perfect - Aluminium Alloy Case Crafted from aluminium alloy H2 V2S Lite is made for high durability,high strength,corrosion resistance, and above all, lightweight.

Filament Drive Gear - Made of tool steel plated with nano-coating to improve hardness wear resistance,corrosion resistance and provides longer life when printing abrasive materials.

Idler Arm - Made of 7075 T6 aluminum, with special blend high-performance anti-wear Mos2 grease to improve the quick release lever hap tics and enhance wear resistance.

Heat Break - H2 bi-metal(copper alloy + grade 5 titanium alloy). High performance thermal grease has been pre-applied to the heat break to increase thermal conductivity between the heat break and heat sink to improve cooling performance

More Mounting Holes - 4 screw mounting holes are available for installing an auto leveling sensor cooling tan.

(Note: The nozzle is custom-made and will be released in the near future.)

Dimensions & Specs

Extrusion Method

Dual Gear Extrusion

Maximum Printing Temperature



175g (including Heater Cartridge, Thermistor, and Fan)

Maximum Extrusion Force

7.5kg (depending on the filament)

Extrusion (based on the existing)

2700mm3/min (depending on the filaments)


932/mm at 16 microstep (Further calibration is recommended)

Klipper Rotation Distance


Recommended Motor Current


Gear Ratio


Drive Gear Circumference


Filament Diameter and Tolerance


Thermistor Type


Heater Cartridge Power


Heater Cartridge Voltage


*Note: Not compatible with standard NEMA14 motor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Léger, effecace et très joli 👍

Peter Jervis Battilega
Value for money impressive build quality

The H2 Vs light is ver well constructed for the money. Parts appear interchangeable with other H2 extenders . The heat block is a bit strange I have not tested its performance but would probably switch this out for a high temp compatible heat block so I can use more standard type m6 nozzle . Love the additional changes to the filament extruded that make adjusting tension possible

Mostly awesome

The H2 V2S light overall is an impressive direct drive extruder. It's easy to set up, prints beautifully, and looks amazing. My only complaint is that there is fastening screw to hold the heater cartridge in place. It does stay put and doesn't seem to effect printing, but it would be more reassuring to have the heater sit more securely in its hole. Otherwise I am very happy with the product and its quality.

Peter Harnisch
Sexiest hotend i've owned.

I recieved it today, and it's by far the sexiest hotend I've owned. I have not installed it yet. I see that the heatbreak is probably replaceable by the heatbreak of the standard h2. However, it would lose some of it's sexyness. So I am too waiting for the other nozzles. Please also create the strong nozzles (hardened steel or whatever).

Sonal Diwakar

BIQU H2 V2S Lite Extruder


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