Placa de control BTT SKR Pico V1.0 Compatible con Raspberry Pi o BTT Pi para Voron V0

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Descripción del Producto:

BTT SKR Pico V1.0 es una placa base personalizada diseñada para la impresora VORON V0, lanzada por el equipo de impresión 3D de Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd.

Características clave:

  • Nueva versión para Voron V0 y V0.1. Presentado con Raspberry Pi ARM Cortex-Mo+ MCU PR2040, Bigtreetech SKR Pico V1.0 actualizado en diseño ID, que coexiste con una apariencia elegante y un rendimiento excelente, la opción ideal para los reproductores Voron. El kit de fusibles consta de fusible y soporte, lo que permite un fácil desmontaje e instalación. La interfaz tipo C permite la comunicación del control principal.

  • Combina perfectamente con Raspberry Pi o BTT Pi. Con el marco de la placa Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi se puede instalar perfectamente en BTT SKR Pico V1.0, ahorrando espacio interno. El exclusivo diseño lateral del asiento de SKR Pico combina perfectamente con las características de espacio de las máquinas Voron V0 y V0.1 que deben fijarse longitudinalmente a la placa base.

  • Impresión silenciosa y condensadores premium. Presentado con el modo UART del controlador silencioso TMC2209, SKR PICO V1.0 admite la impresión 3D silenciosa. La versión principal del condensador de chip (MLCC) adopta condensadores Murata de alta calidad para mejorar la calidad del producto.

  • Disipación de calor mejorada. Actualice el diseño del disipador de calor y aumente el área de disipación de calor. El aumento del ventilador controlable permite reducir la temperatura de toda la máquina cuando está funcionando, resolviendo eficazmente los problemas relacionados con la disipación de calor y mejorando la disipación de calor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Patrick Breen
Quiet and Smooth

I bought the BTT SKR Pico V1.0 to replace a MKS Gen L in a CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter. It was a step up from the MKS board. It drives the stepper motors much quieter and smoother than the MKS. Very happy. Thanks.

Micah V
Great board

What a great board, super easy to get Klipper up and running! Shipping was fast and reliable!

My Favorite "Main" Board

This board is awesome. Its small size fits beautifully in my chassis. It performs very well and has brought new life to some of my older printers. Using the same mounting holes as the rpi is genius. It makes for a very clean installation. I've come to prefer using this board with a pi zero form factor as it stacks neatly above the 2209s and still leaves all the ports accessible.

This board works exceptionally well in conjunction with a toolhead board. As such, the btt pico would benefit substantially from the addition of an onboard can transceiver, or at least supplying 3.3v on the 5v pin next to ground on P5. A more focused "BTT Pico Chassis edition" might be appropriate that is designed solely for use with tool head boards and removes the hot end, laser, and probe ports. To that end, 3 fan ports are excessive as well, and I would prefer a single 4pin 5v or 12v fan port instead that could be used with a noctua fan.

Removing diode 16 (D16) in subsequent revisions would be much appreciated--it's redundant with jumper 3, and I've had to manually short it in order to supply power to my radxa zero over the usb c port, which dramatically simplifies wiring. It would also be nice to introduce a USB PD3.1 port with APDO in place of the main power port that could be configured to 24v either by jumper or I2C wired into the RP2040, which would allow for builds without heated beds to easily be powered by USB C, eliminating the PSU from the chassis while simplifying open chassis builds as well.

Keep up with the great work and can't wait to see this year's holiday releases!

Volker Holzmann
Good Mainboard for simple printers

I really love the Mainboard, but it was hard for me to find the specs e.g. how much current can a Fan port provide. @Biqu please do some more Info into the manual. This is a great Piece of electronic - i really enjoy

Jessie Ashley
Great product, had to buy 5 more

I have now purchased 6 of these boards I loved them so much, but my first one, (after shorting the heater element) died, I tried to reach out to biqu for help but got no response. Thankfully the board is totally open source so I had no issues troubleshooting following the fairly detailed schematics and silkscreen layouts, thanks BTT you're awesome

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