BIGTREETECH BTT SKR 3 Control Board for 3D printer

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Type: SKR 3
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1. [ EZ-Driver Connector ] is required if you use EZ driver (like EZ2209 / EZ5160 Pro) for SKR 3 control board.

2. The chip has been updated to H723, which has a faster refresh rate (up to 550MHZ).


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kevin B.
great mainboard

awesome board. controls my printer fantastically

Mark T.
Top notch board upgrade

I've spent a considerable amount of time and money upgrading my old Anycubic i3 so when the second original Tri-Gorilla board popped the DC regulator it was time for an upgrade. SKR3 ordered with EZ drivers and TFT and was with me in no timer.

After a steep learning curve with Marlin compiling, my old i3 was alive now with RGB heat indicators, BLTouch levelling, a new colour TFT display and all the benefits of not using a five year old borderline stock firmware.

However I had a few weird power off issues when trying to print which finally culminated in the printer refusing to boot. After some digging it appeared that the printer PSU was at fault and had finally failed delivering only 5v when loaded. Thankfully the SKR3 didn't seem troubled by the PSU and booted up as soon as a new PSU was installed.

I would imagine the PSU fault killed the first two boards but the SKR3 took it in it's stride. Overall a huge improvement on what I had and overall a great performing board.

Philipp G.

BIGTREETECH BTT SKR 3 Control Board for 3D printer

Nikolay K.

BIGTREETECH BTT SKR 3 Control Board for 3D printer

Cosmin R.
High quality product

Quite happy with it. Feels premium. The text is on the backside, but at least it's printed on the box. That's smart