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BIQU and BIGTREETECH are brother brands. BIQU, with the blue colorway, represented freely creating and making the dream come true, sells 3D printers, extruders, hotbeds, filament, and upgrade kits. While BIGTREETECH, with a red color design, which represents the integration of the innovation sprits into the blood, mainly sells the mainboard, screen, driver board, and module board.

Our Mission

"BIQU was born for makers and serves makers. BIQU will always bring somthing different to everyone."

BIQU CEO & Founder - Eric


Currently, BIGTREETECH and BIQU products have been sold in more than 100 countries worldwide, providing a full range of 3D printing equipment and solutions to many makers worldwide. Our company has a professional R&D team, a strong team of engineers, and high-quality technical support.


BIQU has always advocated the concept of innovation and is committed to bringing a better 3d printing experience to our customers. To this end, we have disruptively launched the EZ series of motherboards and drivers, improving the traditional way of driver application. At the same time, we also launched the CB1 core board for Klipper system, which is powerful and cost-effective.

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BIQU champions innovation, dedicated to enhancing the 3D printing experience for our customers. Our groundbreaking EZ series of motherboards and drivers revolutionize driver application methods, while our Manta+CB1 & Pi solution developed based on Klipper system delivers unparalleled power and affordability.