BIQU H2 V2.0 Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

$5.00 USD

Component: Only heating block
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Important Note: The H2 V2.0 has been discontinued, and the new version H2 V2S has come out.

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BIQU H2 V2S Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

Product Description

Upgrated stainless steel gear

Upgraded stainless steel gears with high precision and wear resistance. Properly reduce the outer diameter of gears to effectively solve the problem of gear jamming and ensure smooth extrusion.

Titanium-copper alloy Throat

Upgraded titanium copper alloy throat, high temperature resistance, and good heat insulation. This pipe can be quickly removed from H2 V2.0, it would be more convenient to replace the pipe.

Streamlined heat dissipation design

Adopt streamline structure with cooling fan to achieve high speed heat dissipation. Ensure the high temperature airflow upward and away from the nozzle, which will maintain a good heat dissipation environment while the extruder is working.

Dual gear extrusion

Direct extrusion enables short path to feed in and fast speed to feed out. The direct extruder has more precise control of the feeding volume, making the return pumping more accurate. Also, it is easier to change filament.

Light weight extruder

The light weight of the H2 V2.0 extruder will reduce the changes in printer structure and printing accuracy caused by the weight of the extruder.

Packing list

The complete H2 V2.0 kit includes extruder, fan, BIQU duck, other assembly cables and tools. 

Dimensions & Specs

Extrusion Method

Dual Gear Extrusion

Maximum Printing Temperature



211g (including heater Cartridge, thermistor, and fan)

Maximum Extrusion Force

7.5kg (depending on the filament)

Filament Diameter and Tolerance


Extrusion (based on the existing)

600mm3/min (depending on the filaments)


932steps/mm at 16 segments (further correction required)

Recommended Motor Current


Gear Ratio


Filament Diameter and Tolerance


Thermistor Type

NTC 3950 100k

Quick View Relavant Files

STL Files

*Note: Only needs a model bracket, H2 V2.0 is suitable for almost all hot-selling 3D printers. Here are the files for B1, Artillery X1 Genius, Pedro Palacio, CR10-S Pro v2, Ender 3/3 V2, Ender 5, Ender 6, Anycubic Mega, CR-10 V2/V3, Creality CR-6

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
CJ Williams

BIQU H2 V2.0 Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

Ross Kerle
Great for Ender6

Bought the H2 to upgrade my Ender6 to direct drive. Quick delivery and was an easy install. Really happy with the BIQU quality and ability to print flexible filaments at higher speeds than the standard Ender6 bowden tube arrangement allows. Highly recommended upgrade.

Juan Pablo Kutianski
Nice extruder

The only drawback is that if the filament gets stuck, it is necessary to disassemble the extruder.

Sukor Mustapha

Fit biqu h2 v2

Order at biqu

It takes too long to order at biqu