BIGTREETECH Stealthy Hi-Speed Solution

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Type: M8P V2.0

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Type: M8P V2.0
bigtreetech stealthy high speed solutionKlipper & Bigtreetech

Customer Reviews

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Thomas B.
Full Stealthy Solution

Got the Manta M8P V2.0 + CB1 + HDMI7 + TMC2209*4 + TMC5160T PLUS*2 + EBB SB2209 (RP2040). Shipped fast from China and came extremely well packaged, very little chance of anything getting damaged in shipping. Will go with BTT for my next printer as well.

Thomas P.
The BIGTREETECH Manta M8P V2.0 - Stealthy Hi-Speed Solution - perhaps one of the best Klipper boa...

Absolutely Great!
I use the board with a CB1 in my large custom 3D printer (7 axes and 1 extruder) and I am very satisfied.
The installation is very easy, the instructions are sufficiently described - even if I initially forgot the jumpers for the driver voltage ;-).
All jumpers are included separately and are not already installed like in other models (I also use 3 Octopus Pro boards, 1xV1.0 and 2xV1.1 in other printers).
Unfortunately, only the I2C port is not in the "generic-bigtreetech-manta-m8p-V2_0.cfg" ( bigtreetech-manta-m8p-V2_0.cfg). The instructions and documentation still need to be refined here.
Together with a TFT35-SPI one of the best combinations!
Everything can be completely adapted to your own needs and used flexibly. The system is fast and responsive, and the connection is very stable.
I would be very happy to have matching heat sinks - in the cool BTT style - for the board and the CB1. Unfortunately, there aren't any, so I installed my own coolers and fans. The CB1 remains very stable at around 32 to 38°C and the STM32H723 usually stays below 35°C, so my installed 24V fans can run at 12V and are therefore very quiet.
In summary, the Manta M8P V2.0 - or its smaller brothers - can be highly recommended for an upgrade or a new printer build!
So far, I haven't had one of over 12 different BIGTREETECH boards that disappointed me!
Bigtreetech boards are highly recommended!
Attached are some pictures of my installation and test setup before the board was finally installed in the printer.

Vladislav J.

BIGTREETECH Stealthy Hi-Speed Solution

Anatoly Y.

BIGTREETECH Stealthy Hi-Speed Solution

Daniel R.
Awesome Piece of Kit

Not for the faint hearted, or first time user but phenomenal if you’ve got some experience with Klipper and 3D printers in general