BIGTREETECH PI4B Adapter V1.0 für CM4 oder CB1

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Möglichkeit: CB1+PI4B
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1. Der CB1 konnte nicht mit dem PI TFT-Bildschirm verbunden werden. Der DSI/CSI-Port funktioniert nur bei Verwendung von CM4.

2. Der PI4B sollte mit CB1, CB1 eMMC oder CM4-Kernplatine verwendet werden, um Klipper zu betreiben.

CB1- und CB1-eMMC-Vergleichstabelle

👉 Über das CB1-Update-Betriebssystem-Image.

Betriebssystem-Image für CB1:



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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Ronny B.
Works as expected

I had no troubles setting it up. Works as expected.

Nathaniel C.
Fast shipping

I got two orders from Biqu. Both arrived fast. I ordered upgraded parts from tronxy 40 days ago that still haven't reached the dock in Canada. Biqu doesn't skimp on shipping. Great company to do business with.

Robert R.

Du bon matériel

Ali R.

BIGTREETECH PI4B Adapter V1.0 for CM4 or CB1

Chris M.
Pi4B v1 and CB1 v1 Klipper powerhouse

I bought 3 CB1 modules and a M8P board last year when they came out. I struggled even finding what to learn let alone where to learn it. But I am no spring chicken and I fought through it from the bottom to wherever I am today. I can't write my own macro yet but I will be able to soon. And once I stopped tripping over the first few steps and really paid attention, it mostly fell into place quite easily.
The CB1 in a Pi4B adapter is a great setup. It is very stable and very responsive. I also have an MKS Pi which can do much of the same job, but I think the BTT rig is easier to work with, faster in every aspect, and has better support. It WAS frustrating at first, but that was not due to the hardware, or even the software setup. I just didn't know what I didn't know yet so I simply bashed my head against the wall (figuratively, mostly) until klipper started to make sense.
If you are under 100 or at least above the dirt, and you want to learn how to use this awesome stuff, dive in. The water is great.