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Display perfeito.

Excelente qualidade, fácil instalação.
só não dei 5 estrelas, pois não veio o meu patinho de coleção.

Usefull for highest print

Very usefull for making mask and so on. But assembly wasn't easy, i had to force in some parts to finalize the assembly of the bridge.

BIGTREETECH EBB 36/42 Can Bus U2C V2.1 for Connecting Klipper Expansion Device Support PT1000

BIGTREETECH SKR MINI E3 V3.0 32 Bit Control Board for Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5/Ender 5 plus/CR-10

BIGTREETECH Pad 7 with Pre-installed CB1 Core Board for Running Klipper

Works, Read Klipper instructions

No Instructions as every use is different, Klipper had plenty of instructions and it worked perfectly. Great prints!


Iv never upgraded an extruder but I'm glad I went for this one love the look of it and have never had any problems with it amazing product

Works as intended

I have one cb1 since its release and now this. They work really well I can tell nothing wrong. Maybe the btt pi has more options/features (fan port, etc.).

NIce upgrade for older printer

Small, lightweight, full metal. Good upgrade for an older less known brand

It’s very good


Can someone tell me if I can use this with the octupus max ez? And if yes wich pin I have to use in on?

Btt pi

The btt pi works great. Hooked right up to the CAN/U2C board, CAN tool head, and spi 35 tft screen. Wifi works great.

Tomas Erslavas
Good product

Working on my Creality Ender 2 Pro without problems

Excellent board

Can recommend this.

Great product!

Works out of the box with my BTT Manta M8P. Screen orientation can easily be changed by simple button press.

One drawback however is that currently the power management is on the M8P not supported in combination with that screen- meaning the screen is never turned off completely (backlight stays on).
Hopefully fixed by a driver update in the future...

Skr 3 mini

excellent motherboard, silent and sufficient performance for my ender 3.
I wished that the existing firmware on your page had an Italian version.

nice product

It`s a really goog quality product I love it and I m really happy with it.
But one information in the prospekt that explains the board is missing:
Which light on the controller board has what for an funktion.

Great hardware

After replacing the extruder, the printing improved significantly. Complete satisfaction.

Great hardware

I use it with Manta E3EZ V1.0. Working fine. The display could be more sensitive for me, but overall it's great.

Great hardware

The board with CB1 and TFT35SPI is not mounted on the 3D printer, only tested it lying on the table (motors, BlTouch, EndStops, ...). Everything works on the first try. I will mount the board on the printer in the next few days.

BIGTREETECH TFT35 V3.0.1 Display- Two Working Modes

BIGTREETECH PI TFT43 / TFT50 / TFT70 V2.1 screen board

Jacques Landry
Excellent Raspberry Pi Alternative

Purchased for an Artillery X1 conversion to Klipper works very well, easy to set up I’m impressed with this alternative. The only downside is the mounting hole for the boards isn’t the same as a Raspberry Pi and the GPIO is on the opposite side of the board. I definitely recommend this alternative at a great price!

Super fun product

I’ll start by saying I have seen pics of some peoples airflow negatively affected but I experienced none of that. It’s a super fun little product and I’m very happy with it on my switchwire. In a way I wish it wasn’t connected by wifi but in other ways that’s a better thing because you don’t need the special board to run it. But overall I’m happy I got it

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