BIGTREETECH BTT Octopus Max EZ for 3D Printer

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Only Octopus MAX EZ V1.0
Octopus MAX EZ V1.0+Mini12864 V2.0
Octopus MAX EZ V1.0+8 PCS EZ2209
Octopus MAX EZ V1.0+Mini12864 V2.0+8 PCS EZ2209
Only EZ31865 V1.0
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Product Description:

BIGTREETECH Octopus MAX EZ, a 32-bit motherboard, is an upgraded version of Octopus Pro developed by the 3D printing team of Shenzhen Big Tree Technology Co., Ltd. Its self-developed stepper motor sockets enhance safety and user experience, and it adds a series of features that Octopus Pro does not have, greatly enhancing its DIY capabilities.

Key Features:

1. 32-bit 550 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 series STM32H723ZET6 MCU
2. Onboard BOOT button to enable DFU mode to update the bootloader
3. The thermistor circuit is protected to prevent MCU damage from shorted heated bed and heater cartridge connections
4. Selectable voltage (24V, 12V, 5V) for CNC fan, no more need for external stepdown
thus preventing board damage from user error
5. Upgraded with eFuse protection, which response faster with strong protection,
effectively protecting the motherboard from being damaged caused by short circuits,
over-current, electric spark, etc.
6. MCU firmware can be upgraded via SD card, or use DFU via Klipper's make flash
7. 10 EZ driver sockets, working with the pinless driver, safer to use; Onboard SPI and
UART, can be used by simply setting in the firmware, no need for a jumper
8. Support power loss recovery, filament runout sensor, CAN, auto power-off, BL Touch, RGB, etc
9. Replaceable fuse for easy maintenance
10. 3 x 4 pins fan ports, also for connecting the water cooling system
11. Onboard proximity switch port, supports NPN and PNP types, 24V, 12V, and 5V voltage selectable
12. Onboard SPI interface for connecting acceleration sensor to enable Klipper's input shaping


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