BIQU B1 Dual Z Upgrade Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Jackson
Great Upgrade

Installed this on my B1. Installation was fairly straightforward, took about an hour. All parts are provided. The additional stability provided to the Z axis is noticeable in print smoothness and noise reduction. There is no resonance or jittering on the z axis moves, especially when 'hopping' is used.

Joao Magno

Very good material, easy to install

Cheap and easy upgrade, worth it

It was easy to install, and worked flawlessly since.

The only minor annoyance is that the included Z screw was not lubricated at the factory, while the one coming with the printer was.

Easy to install

Was very easy to install. Added it when I bought my second printer. Don't really see a difference from the other printer, but for the price you can beat it.

Jeffrey Marchal
Should Have Done This Sooner!

I am new to 3D printing and was having great trouble getting prints to start properly. Bad first layers. I found my build plate was warped, so I upgraded to BLTouch and expected quick resolution of the problem. No such luck. OK, I said, let’s get a verified flat surface, so I bought a glass bed, carefully leveled the bed and, better results, but only for one print. If I moved the printer to another room, the bad first layer returned.

I then CAREFULLY rebuilt the frame making sure everything was level, side-to-side and front-to-back. I had better luck, but still had first layer problems.

That’s when I finally noticed that there was a little wobble, and I do mean little, almost imperceptible, on the undriven Z-Axis. So I added the dual Z-Axis kit.

Night and day difference. The printer now works nearly flawlessly, and I can print a “Calibration Layer?”(G26) with near perfect results, except for issue with filament retraction (Is it possible that G26 doesn’t retract the filament?)

Anyway, much better prints. Of course I don’t know if I had done the dual Z-Axis upgrade first how anything would have been different. I don’t see that dual axis upgrade could solve the warped bed issue, but I can now print nicely on the Biqu Spring Steel build plate even without any adhesive (I never tried adhesives).

The Dual Z-Axis Upgrade was a game changer for me. Both of my Biqu B1’s have been upgraded…

Now, back to printing!!!!


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