BIQU Hurakan Klipper 3D Printer

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● Out-of-the-box klipper printer.
● Enjoy wireless printing.
● Built-in microprobe.
● Partitioned hotbed design, power saving helper.
● Silent Printing.

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Size: 110V US Plug

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Shipping from: US warehouse
Size: 110V US Plug

Product Showcase

Hurakan 3D Printer

Out-of-the-Box Klipper Printer

Official cooperation

Remote printing

Adjustable heat bed

Automatic leveling

Material break detection


Dual-Tone Colors & Mechanical Style

The dual-color design makes it unique and recognizable. Rigid lines fuse mechanical elements to create a sleek and modern 'high-tech' look.

Venting Grille

The venting grilles situated on the base and print head add to the printer's unique look while serving the practical function of improving heat dissipation efficiency and reducing weight.

BTT Manta M4P+CB1

The Manta M4P control board and the CB1 core both are of the latest design which enables Hurakan to run Klipper while also supporting Marlin.

Klipper is Ready

Klipper (an improvement in 3D-printer firmware) has been pre-installed on the Hurakan, allowing you to leave out complicated installation procedures while enjoying speed, precision and convenience.

Enjoy Wireless Printing

The built-in WiFi module makes it easier for users to print, pause, check printing progress, and adjust various printing parameters using the mainsail interface. Ensure that the control device and printer are connected to the same WiFi network.

BIQU MicroProbe

The self-developed auto leveling sensor is tiny and lightweight at only 6g. It can be used over 10 million times while maintaining a high precision leveling capability.

Quiet 3D Printing

The Harakan uses an ultra-silent motor driver IC known as TMC2209 which significantly reduces printing noise.

Choose the Part to Heat

Adjust the heated area of the bed with a simple flick of a switch. Save energy and help protect the environment.
●100W- for the central part of the bed (red light on).
●240W- for the whole bed (both blue and red lights on).

Filament Runout Sensor

The filament runout sensor allows printer to automatically pause a print if filament runs out or break, therefore saving time and filament.

Light up Your Prints

An RBG light is fully customizable and beautifully designed to illuminate your prints in the dark, providing a full, 16.8M color control via the web interface or display screen.

Get Start Quickly

Given the modular design, assembling the printer is fast and fun!

01 - Dual USB Ports
A USB flash drive can be used to print without an internet connection. A USB plug and play camera can be connected for wireless monitoring.

02 - Power Supply Optional
Suitable for different levels of voltage. 100-120V/200-240V.

03 - RJ45 Port
Offers a choice of a more reliable wired network connection.
*Note: This is a Gigabit Ethernet port. Currently the CB1 installed on Hurakan only supports 100M Ethernet. Should you prefer to experience Gigabit Ethernet, replace the CB1 with the CM4.

04 - SPI Interface
Designed to connect an ADXL345 accelerometer to enable Klipper's Resonance Compensation for a print with less ringing.

Dimensions & Specs

3D Printer Name

BIQU Hurakan

3D Printer Dimensions


Print Head

1 PC

Nozzle Diameter

Standard 0.4mm



Slicing Software Compatibility

Cura/Repetier-Host/Simplify 3D...

Output Voltage


Heated Bed Power


Maximum Temperature of Nozzle


Suggested Printing Speed



PLA/ABS/PETG...(Any material with print temp lower than 260℃, including flexible filament with 95A stillness.)

Build Volume


Layer Thickness


Printing Accuracy


File Format


Printing Method

USB Drive/LAN Controlled

Rated Power


Max Temperature of Heated Bed


Default Speed Limit (Firmware)


Filament Runout Detection

Standard Feature

Rated Voltage

50/60 Hz

Packaging List

Note: Above are schematic diagrams of products, accessories, user interfaces, etc., for reference only. Please refer to the actual product since product updates may make the product slightly different from the schematic diagram.

Quick View Relavant Files

Upgradeable Hardware

ADXL 345

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H2 Direct Extruder Upgrade Kit

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Dual Z Upgrade Kit

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BIQU Camera

Coming soon...

Print Process Display

Hurakan Original Accessories

2GT-6mm black belt 1m
6*24mm heat break
2*4mm teflon tube 1m
E3D brass nozzles V5/V6 1.75/0.4mm
Heating aluminum block silicone
PC4-M6 black pneumatic connectors
235*235*0.3mm PEI spring steel sheet
235X235*1.5mm soft magnetic stickers
POM wheel with dual bearing
40W 24V 60mm white heater cartridge PH2.54-2P
60mm thermistors PH1.5-2P
Filament break detection module
3010 fan with 60mm wire XH1.5-2P terminal
4010 fan with 60mm wire XH2.54-2P terminal
4010 turbo fan with 80mm wire XH1.5-2P terminal
3010 fan with 15cm wire XH2.54-2P terminal
BIGTREETECH Mini12864 V2.0
BIGTREETECH CB1 V2.2 (Hurakan)
BIGTREETECH TMC2209 V1.3 (Hurakan)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Geoffroy S.

BIQU Hurakan Klipper 3D Printer

Jamie P.
Best slinger

This printer is very underrated for what it is. Every time I need to print something I turn to the hurakan it’s very reliable and does what I ask of it. I have zero complaints and would recommend this for for anyone who wants to get into klipper. Biqu did an outstanding job with this machine.

Borja G.

La maquina esta muy bien, se monta muy facilmente e imprime con una calidad muy buena desde el minuto 0.

Linus R.

BIQU Hurakan DIY 3D Printer

Andrew G.
Great out of the box printer.

After discussing with my friends who already own printers, I was talked out of the creality 3 and into the biqu hurakan.

I have very little 3d printing experience, but after assembly, and going through the setup document, I was able to get it working very quickly.

My only issue is the stock bed adhesion wasn't great, and I would have prints fail because they would come undone from the bed, but that probably had more to do with my basement being cold. I was able to fix this with painters tape.

My only other issue is the GitHub documentation is a little spotty as some reviewers said there were files in there that are not anymore. Hopefully will be resolved.

Otherwise amazing printer.