BQ Maker Coins Rewards Program

Join our membership program and earn BQ Maker Coins with every purchase for exclusive rewards! 1 BQ Maker Coin per $1 spent. Redeem 100 Coins for $1 off. Start maximizing your benefits today!

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What is BQ Maker Coins

  • BQ Maker Coins is a virtual currency that can be exchanged for cash discount, free product, and exclusive merchandise.
  • It's easy to get and easy to use. BQ Maker Coins is non-transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash, and cannot be used outside of the Official BIQU Store.
  • You can view your BQ Maker Coins balance by clicking on bottom left gold coin button or top right account button
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BQ Maker Coins Benefits

Get rewarded with BQ Maker Coins on every purchase!

Cash in your BQ Maker Coins for instant discounts!

Exchange your BQ Maker Coins for exclusive merchandise!

Celebrate your birthday with a special gift!

Joining is absolutely free – No cost involved!

Please look forward to more...

How It Works

Step 1

Sign Up BIQU Account

Get a 200 BQ Maker Coins reward upon account creation

Step 2

Earn BQ Maker Coins

Get BQ Maker Coins with every purchase

Step 3

Redeem BQ Maker Coins

Unlock Rewards or Discounts with BQ Maker Coins

What is VIP Tiers

  • Achieve VIP Tiers based on your total spending at the BIQU store.
  • Different VIP Tiers come with varying rewards, with higher VIP Tiers receiving more abundant rewards.
  • You can check your VIP Tiers by clicking on bottom left gold coin button or top right account button.

VIP Qualification Spending


Reach $1000


Reach $2000


Reach $3000


Reach $4000


Reach $5000

VIP Tiers Rewards


Reward of 1000 BQ Maker Coins


Reward of 2000 BQ Maker Coins


Reward of 3000 BQ Maker Coins


Reward of 4000 BQ Maker Coins


Reward of 5000 BQ Maker Coins

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get BQ Maker Coins?

a) First register to get 200 BQ Maker Coins.
b) Earn 1 BQ Maker Coin for every dollar spent.

2. How can I exchange BQ Maker Coins?

100 Coins could be exchanged for 1 US dollar (up to 20 US dollars at one time).

3. How long are points valid for?

The validity period of BQ Maker Coins is 6 months. If you have not purchased for more than 6 months, your BQ Maker Coins will be clear.

4. Can I get a refund of my BQ Maker Coins if I use them to place an order and then cancel it?

Yes, your points will also be reduced (BQ Maker Coins = actual payment amount)