BIQU H2 V2S Extruder für B1 BX Ender 3/3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

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Produktbeschreibung H2 V2S Doppelgang | Direktantrieb | Kostengünstige Wahl 195g leicht Unterstützt 270℃ Doppelgang 7:1 Arbeitssparendes Niveau Leicht und kompakt Geringes Gewicht, geringe Trägheit, bessere Positionsgenauigkeit. Exquisite Handwerkskunst Das Gehäuse aus 6061 T6-Aluminiumlegierung sorgt für langanhaltende Leistung auch unter extremen...

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H2 V2S

Doppelgang | Direktantrieb | Kostengünstige Wahl

195g leicht

Unterstützt 270℃

Doppelgang 7:1

Arbeitssparendes Niveau

The structure of H2 V2S is compact, neat and lightweight, which can greatly reduce the inertia of the motion axis.

Leicht und kompakt

Geringes Gewicht, geringe Trägheit, bessere Positionsgenauigkeit.

It was built with 6061 T6 aluminium alloy, screw tensioner and ingenious switch lever.

Exquisite Handwerkskunst

Das Gehäuse aus 6061 T6-Aluminiumlegierung sorgt für langanhaltende Leistung auch unter extremen Bedingungen.

With a gentle push, you can quickly import filament. With a pushback, you can quickly lock the position of the filament.

Einfachere Filamentzufuhr

Der verbesserte Schalthebel gibt Ihnen beim Füttern die Hände frei.

H2 V2S is built with a quick dissipation structure.

Effiziente Wärmeableitung

Kühlkörperdesign optimiert, um die Wärmeableitung zu verbessern, Wärmekriechen zu verhindern und eine längere Lebensdauer des Extruders zu gewährleisten.

H2 V2S has a powerful extrusion system.

Leistungsstarkes Extrusionssystem

Doppelter Gang und ein Übersetzungsverhältnis von 7:1 für außergewöhnliche Schubkraft.

Use a screw to adjust the tightness of the filament.

Ideal für flexibles Filament

Passen Sie den Schraubenspanner an, um unterschiedliche Spannungen des Antriebsrads zu berücksichtigen und das Drucken mit flexiblem Filament zu verbessern.

High-quality durable heatbreak, heating blocks, and nozzles to make it work within 270℃.


Bimetall-Wärmeschutz ermöglicht Hochtemperaturdruck bei 270 °C mit Silikonsocke zur Isolierung.

BIQU H2 V2S can be used to create models printed with a variety of filaments.

Perfekte Kompatibilität

Kompatibel mit zahlreichen Materialien, von PLA und ABS bis hin zu TPU, Nylon und PETG.

The H2 V2S Complete Kit includes one pre-assembled extruder and other tools to set it on the 3d printer.

Was ist in der Box

Das H2 V2S Complete Kit enthält einen vormontierten Extruder, einen Kühlventilator, Kabel, Schrauben und andere Werkzeuge zur Montage am 3D-Drucker.

Abmessungen und Spezifikationen

The dimensions of H2 V2S.


Dual Gear Extrusion

Maximale Drucktemperatur



195 g (einschließlich Heizpatrone, Thermistor und Lüfter)

Maximale Extrusionskraft

7,5kg (je nach Filament)

Extrusion (basierend auf dem Vorhandenen)

600mm 3 /min (abhängig von den Filamenten)


932/mm bei 16 Mikroschritten (weitere Kalibrierung wird empfohlen)



Empfohlener Motorstrom




Umfang des Antriebsrads

24,5 mm

Filamentdurchmesser und Toleranz

1,75 ± 0,05 mm



Leistung der Heizpatrone


Spannung der Heizpatrone


*Hinweis: Nicht kompatibel mit Standard-NEMA14-Motor.



*Hinweis: Benötigt nur eine Modellhalterung, H2 V2S ist für fast alle beliebten 3D-Drucker geeignet. Hier sind die Dateien für B1, Artillery X1 Genius, Pedro Palacio, CR10-S Pro v2, Ender 3/3 V2, Ender 5, Ender 6, Anycubic Mega, CR-10 V2/V3, Creality CR-6


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

BIQU H2 V2S Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

Paul Hardwick
Solid upgrade - a big step up in performance

This was my first hot end replacement after upgrading almost everything else but the printer's frame. I am very glad I chose the H2 V2S.

While waiting for delivery I was able to adapt and print the parts I needed to attach it to my Voxel Aquila X2. In the end I replaced the Aquila X-carriage for a stock Ender 3 carriage as that gave me access to more proven starting designs for the mounting plate.

All the bundled electrical parts seem to be of quality, the the heater cartridge leads were already crimped which was nice to see. The H2 V2S mechanical design is beautiful and so compact, I was amazed at how small it was once it was in my hand. The manual gear operation is smooth it shouts quality. The filament release has a satisfying click. In operation it is silent with the occasional quiet click of retraction (when retraction is set to at 0.5mm @ 5mm/s - my bowden setting of 45mm/s makes it a bit chatty :) ).

I really like the consistent 3mm mounting holes all over the H2 V2S and its symmetric geometric design, it makes designing accessories easy. I've secured it to the backplate from the top and back to help minimise flexing of the PETG backplate. By the way, the dimensioned drawing has some missing y-plane dimensions for the nozzle - I want to redesign my cooling duct and this would really help.

I was initially concerned about the 35mm fan not cooling enough and making too much noise but I was very wrong. Even in my longest print so far (4hrs @ 240deg PETG) there has been no sign of over-heating and it really is virtually silent - well done BIQU! (I say that as someone who replaced all the stock fans on their printer so I can share the room with it). I've initially chosen a 5015 blower with a three pronged duct as a part cooler and that is the noisiest part of my printer now but it is still very acceptable and it gives good results up to 70-degree overhangs. Most of the noise comes from the blower's narrow ducts so I'll experiment with other designs.

My printer's cable runs are a bit longer than a stock Ender, another 20cm on all cables would have been great but the installation was straight forward. I rerouted cables to get enough length for the head to reach full z-height and still get to the far right x-axis. Initially frustrating but not a big deal in the end. I would have liked the stepper motor lead to be terminated with a locking connector (HS?).

With the BIQU H2 V2S I've only just begun pushing speed but already I've achieved 100mm/s on everything. There is more speed to be had, 200mm/s gives very acceptable results but I think I need to upgrade my part cooling. The 100mm/s benchy was my best ever, the 200mm benchy was way better than my printers's original 60mm/s. I've printed about a dozen things so far (in PLA and mostly PETG) not a single issue with the H2 VS2 and all came out with better quality than I am used to.

Aleksei Baranov

BIQU H2 V2S Extruder For B1 BX Ender 3/ 3 V2/5/6 CR6/10

Peter House
The packaging is very nice and the extruder looks to be well designed

I am happy with the received product and hope to get it installed and working on my CR-10v2 very soon. The CR-10 has been converted to linear rails on Y and X and this extruder will be mounted on a Hermit Crab.

Alex Bernalte
Good replacement

Nice quality as always


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