BIGTREETECH TMC2226 V1.0 Stepper Motor Driver

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Band Sebastian
Great driver

In short: A slightly better TMC2209.
I might be wrong since I use the driver in a diffrent printer, but the drivers seem to run cooler and more silent than the already great TCM2209.
In Klipper the driver for the TMC2209 is able to drive the 2226.

Better choice than TMC2209

I have been building a printer using the SKR-3 mainboard using Marlin and TMC2209 drivers. This combination can produce a Marlin error No TMC connection. After damaging a TMC2209 through a wiring mistake I decided to try the improved driver TMC2226. This device uses the same settings as TMC2209 in Marlin so it is a plug & play replacement. No more errors! Much quieter particularly when running in 64 micro stepping mode.
TMC2226 is much improved version of TMC2209 and runs cooler with a much improved current capacity. Making this a good choice when using larger stepper motors.


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