BTT SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor 3d Printing Module for Mastering the Filament State

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Nuspel
Great upgrade

I had the earlier run out sensor and I find this one a worthwhile upgrade. Threading the filament through is easier and so far the unit has bee working just as expected.

Cristian Balazs
Works great

I had to increase from 2.88 to 5.88 mm the detecting distance because it was to sensitive and was pausing my prints, but works fine now.

New addition to my V-Minion

I was running my RatRig V-Minon in it's original kit content without filament sensor. Most of the time it was not necessary indeed but from time to time I was coming across problems presented by inconsistent filament diameter as stock BondTech extruder does not have spring loaded filament gears. So several times I got filament stopped yet the very "printing" was still going on. So I decided to order SFS V2.0.
Great piece of gear! Installed, modified printer.cfg file with the code from manual and everything was functioning good - both sensors right away!
For Klipper users on V-Minion printers - encoder sensor on SFS V2.0 gives sort of false triggering while priming blob is made. Increasing detection length up still to maintain reasonable sensitivity did not cure the problem and I just added a code in User_overrides section of printer.cfg to disable encoder sensor for print startup. It is possible to add this code into slicer as well but as I use several slicers, I preferred to keep control at printer, not slicer level.

Ian Porter
Works Great

Does what it says on the tin, very easy to implement with Klipper.
It's a little sensitive how tight yo have the fixing screws. Very Happy with it!

jim bolger
New parts for my 3 Pro

Not fitted yet but will be soon


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