BIGTREETECH Manta M4P/M8P Control Board running Klipper with CB1/CM4

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Manta M4P V2.1
Manta M8P
CB1+ Manta M8P
CB1+Manta M8P+8 PCS TMC2209
CB1+Manta M4P
CB1+Manta M4P+4 Pcs TMC2209
CB1 heatsink
CB1+Manta M8P-EZ (Coming soon)
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1. The CB1 couldn't be connected to the PI TFT screen. The DSI/CSI port will only work whlie using CM4.

2. Manta M4P/M8P should be used with CB1 or CM4 core board to run Klipper.

1. About the CB1 updating OS image.

OS image for CB1:

CB1 source code:


Customer Reviews

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Eric Galloway

BIGTREETECH Manta M4P/M8P Control Board running Klipper with CB1/CM4

Heinz Merk
Extraordinary quality

Price to quality ratio is incredibly good. The board works flawlessly and it was very easy to modify my Voxelab Aries printer to this board

Douglas Hammond
Close to perfect

Other then the heat bed power being tied to the main power even though it looks like it is separate, I have really enjoyed the board.

Better documented specs would be nice as other reviewers have mentioned. Items like max current for the RGB would be handy too.

Kallan Morrow
Still waiting

I am waiting on my Third and fourth shipment from BTT. Its been two weeks and I still don’t have them. My first two orders shipped from the same warehouse and took 5-7 days to arrive. It’s frustrating in todays world to have to wait so ling for shipping! I love the products,,but am looking at other alternatives with such unpredictable shipping times.

Sorry to bring you an unpleasant shopping experience, your package is on the way, please pay more patience. Have a nice day!

Matthew Greenwood
Great controller with less faff

This is a great controller and simplifies the electronics of your printer. Easy setup with good documentation (via GitHub). Also appears capable of running higher voltage stepper drivers. The only downside is the CB1 doesn’t support CSI connected camera, but genuine CM4 (if you can get one these days) works great. Less cables = less that can go wrong = less maintenance = less stress.