Combo Deal - H2 V2S+Hermit Crab

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Extruder: H2 V2S
Rapid Tool Changer: Hermit Crab (CAN)
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H2 V2S Extrduer:

✔️Upgraded Version of Stainless Steel Gear: using a bimetallic tube (copper alloy + GRADE5 titanium alloy), high-temperature resistance, durability, high precision, and higher surface finish.
✔️All-in-one Design & High Precision: The short-range extruder integrates the hot end of the nozzle, extruder, stepping motor, cooling fan, etc., the control of the feeding amount is more accurate than remote extrusion, the withdrawal is more accurate, and the printing quality is better.
✔️With a smoothness of Ra0.4 on the inner walls of the throat and nozzle, it prevents clogging. H2 V2S uses a silicone protector with a high-quality titanium-copper alloy hose for better heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance, with printing temperatures of up to 270°C.
✔️Lightweight & Compact & Powerful: BIQU H2 V2S extruder weighs only 195 grams, which effectively overcomes the short-stroke print head's heavier shortcomings, and is especially suitable for dual-jet printers.
✔️Wide Compatibility: BIQU H2 V2S extruder has wide compatibility and can be installed in common 3D printers on the market, such as: BIQU B1, Ender 3(V2), Ender 6, CR-10S Pro, CR-10 V2/V3, Mega X, X1 Genius, etc. At the same time, you can also DIY according to your personal needs and update the corresponding firmware to meet your DIY needs.

Hermit Crab:

🍀【Change Extruders in 1 Second】: As a hot-swappable rapid tool changer, BIQU hermit crab can help save tons of time in extruder changing for those 3D printer hobbyists that need to change their extruders frequently because of hotend blockage, multi-colors or multi-filaments printing and extruder abnormal. Just a pressure of the spring clip, you can easily take the malfunction extruder down and then insert the new one.
🍀【Turn you 3D Printer into More】BIQU hermit crab can not only help to change your extruders in a short time, but also mount lots of other tools such as laser engraver, pen plotters, cutter,food plungers, ceramic printers or anything that can be driven by the printer’s mechatronic components! Just maximize the potential of your FDM printers with our hermit crab rapid tool changer!
🍀【Multi Interfaces for Expansive Functions】Many functional interfaces you need are included in the fixed plate of hermit crab tool changer: heating rod, CNC fan, original fan, thermistors, stepper motor/extruder, limit switch, auto bl touch, filament sensor etc.. With enough pins, BL touch and limit switch can run at the same time, so do the filament runout detector and smart filament sensor.
🍀【Easy to Install】BIQU hermit crab quick changing tool comes with a fixed plate featuring a 4 locating pins + a spring clip locking mechanism and 3 interchangeable tool plates. Choosing the right adapter based on your printer and mount the fixed plate to the liner rail/V-slot rail . Then screw wires from the printer to terminal blocks on fixed plate. Mount your hot end and screw wires to terminal blocks on the tool plate. Remember to shut down and unplug the printer first.
🍀【High Compatibility】BIQU hermit crab extruder tool changer is compatible with both MGN12H model linear rail and 2020 European standard V-slot aluminum profile. And it fits for most extruders and printers in the market such as MK8, H2 V2.0, E3D Hemera Bowden, E3 Heat sink and Ender 3, Ender3 V2, CR-6 SE, B1 SE Plus, BX......

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