BIGTREETECH Panda Touch V1.0 - 5 Inch Touch Screen with Multi-Printer, Wireless Control For Bambu Lab X1, P1 and A1 Printers - Check firmware compatibility before purchase

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Type: Panda Touch with USB Dock
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The Panda Touch is currently compatible with all Bambu Lab printer firmware versions up until:
- P1P --> v01.05.02.00
- P1S --> v01.05.02.00
- X1C --> v01.07.02.00
- A1 --> v01.01.01.00
- A1 Mini --> v01.01.03.00

It is possible that Bambu Lab may release a future firmware version which impacts the functions available from the Panda Touch. Bigtreetech will monitor all beta firmware versions and if we find a firmware version that affects Panda Touch functionality we will send out an alert via email, Aliexpress chat and our social channels. Buyers can then decide whether or not they would like to perform the update at the risk of losing functionality. Note that the Panda Touch warranty does not cover lost functionality due to a Bambu Lab firmware update being performed.

Click the link to view Panda Touch software instructions and more product information:

Product Description:

The Panda Touch is a 5'' touchscreen developed by BIGTREE Technology Co., LTD., It offers a beautiful UI with convenient features and can be used as an alternative or a replacement screen for the Bambu P1P and Bambu P1S. It also interfaces with the X1 and A1 series and supports group printing and control for up to 10 Bambu Labs printers.

Key Features:

  • Plug-and-play convenience. Enjoy hassle-free setup with a quick installation that does not void your warranty.
  • Customized UX & UI. BTT delivers a tailored user experience that remains familiar but adds the extra features needed for multi machine control.
  • Versatile functionality. All of the functions you would expect from a rich graphical display, with some extras thrown in!
  • Seamless connectivity. Connect effortlessly via WiFi.
  • Magnetic charging. Effortless mobile portability with convenient magnetic charging technology.
  • Multi-printer control. Effortlessly manage multiple printers simultaneously for seamless synchronized control and printing.
  • AMS filament changing system control. Get easy access to the multi-color printing controls with one touch access to control over the filament-changing system.

Note: The Panda Touch firmware has been updated to V1.0.3. Some units may ship with an earlier firmware version. Please check your firmware version and upgrade to the latest for the best user experience. Please click on the link for the upgrade tutorial.

5'' IPS Touch ScreenAMS Management

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Chad Jones

Set up took longer than expected, not sure if it was user error or tech error. But, I got it working and they are great. Ordered 2 and will be getting more!

Wolfgang Wanke
Good Gadget

Workshop 100% with Bambu Lab P1S,A1,A1mini.

Chris T - Aus
Great add on for the P1 series printers.

I was on the fence for a while justifying the Panda Touch. I was happy doing it all from the PC.
That was until I had my first clog. Moving between the pc and printer, or even just the onboard panel to manipulate the extruder during a cold pull was frustrating.
The Panda touch has simplified this considerably, as well as loading/unloading filament on the rear holder, and configuring the AMS at the printer.

Only note is that if you have a riser that requires sliding the top glass forward to remove it, you will need to print one of the community models to relocate the screen, as it gets in the way in the intended position.

Looking forward to the extra convenience when I get to buying my second printer and being able to control them both from the same pane

Ryan Slater
Great for multi printer environments

Unit is working exactly as described and works great with multiple printers. Wish the mount was a bit more secure vs just using adhesive and that you could access the camera of the printer you are managing from the unit instead of having to use the app

Panda Touch V1.0

I just had to get this even though I only have one PS1. This makes the P1S so easy to use. It brings the P1S up a level in functionality and is almost equal to the others in the same product line. If you have more than one Bambu Labs printer this will control them all.