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SKR Mini E3 V3+TFT35

Dorazilo do týdne takže překvapen. Vše funguje perfektně. Chybí označení orientace TFT kabelu pro připojení na mini desku

Both EBB's work great in regards of CAN and the features applied, but...

the EBB36's hole distance only fits to a 42 Motor, but not to 36! Therefore I don't know why the name. Of course, the form factor is different. But, the 42 is easier to connect, because some of the connectors are not that tiny as on the 36. I got both and now I would recommend to go for the 42, as I can't see any real benefits for the 36. Not even the form factor. Maybe it is good for some very special arrangements.
In regards of the features applied, they are both great products.

Perhaps the best H2 combi

Even if you not plan to print at high temperature, the 500°C Edition brings some great benefits for just little more money compared to the standard edition. Heating up is much faster due to the 70W cartridge. Together with the higher heat capacity of the copper heat block it allows much higher flow rates. And that means faster printing. Finally you get a full metal hotend made from titanium, which gives a better defined melting zone and prevents clogging. And you get a very precise high temperature sensor. And finally, if you really need, you can print at high temperature.

Ender 3 V2

Muy buena placa, ha cambiado mi Ender 3 V2, ahora tiene instalado doble eje Z y Bl touch y va de maravilla.

I am so glad that I have purchased a genuine BL-Touch

I was using a triangle labs 3D touch which was at most okay it was not measuring reliably
After a year or so it started to completely go out of accuracy
Every reading was different than one other at same point
So I purchased a genuine one and it differs a lot from knock offs
it measures reliably also it's build quality is way more higher

BIGTREETECH PI4B Adapter V1.0 for CM4 or CB1

Superb transaction

Received the two HDMI5 screens in perfect shape and they are working flawlessly. Superb transaction, will be back for more 😀👍

Plug&Play good quality

works in every board with HDMI and one USB Port

Super display

This is a great display, super easy to "install" (copy a few lines from github) and looks beautiful. The touchscreen is responsive and accurate. Only wish this would be compatible with other BIQU hardware such as the CB1...

ANTCLABS BLtouch V3.1 Original Auto Leveling BL Touch Sensor Premium 3D Kossel Printer Reprap

Better than expected

This is a great board with little support, but the board is amazing. Be sure to look around when you are looking for a firmware to put onto it, NOT all 3rd party Marlin or Klipper Firmware are equal. Thankfully I was able to get a great working Firmware that I also edited to meet more of my requirements, but it did take a minute or two.

Super simple and super fast replacement. Perfect replacement for both my Ender 5 and Ender 5 Plus. Fantastic buy!

BTT TMC2208 TMC2130 V3.0 Stepper Motor Driver

BIGTREETECH SKR PRO V1.2 32 Bit Control Board

BTT SFS V1.0 Smart Filament Sensor Detection Stuck Blocking Filament Module

Fast processor & great specification

SKR 3 EZ is a well made motherboard with a lightening fast processor. Ideal for upgrading existing motherboards to improve performance. A good choice for new build printers that permit the use of fine micro stepping at high speed on all axis. Also z auto align can be used as two independent ports are available for z motors. Works well with TMC 2209 or TMC2226 drivers. This is not a plug and play replacement, Marlin needs to be compiled to suit the printer and the bug fix version of Marlin on the BTT Github resource must be used.

BIQU B1 Original Nozzle UM2 Brass Nozzle 1.75 0.4MM 3D Printer Parts For 3D Printer

Overall a nice extruder

Light weight, compact in sitze and powerfull. The only flaw is the full metal heat break when using flexible filament, such as TPU 70A. There ist too much back pressure while printing. The filament gets stuck and pressed everywhere else than the filament path. The default version of the H2 should have a heat break with PTFE Liner, the high temp version a full metal heat break.


GREAT FETURE BUT THE DOCS ARE BAD, clearly no documentation. but features. LEARN FROM FYSTEC PLEASE

BIGTREETECH Octopus V1.1 Control Board for Voron 2.4

Great board, no useful documentation

I echo the review given by NIKOLAOS TSELIKOS almost verbatim. This board does work with the new marlin and it’s so quiet I even wondered if it was working at all. But there’s no canned machine specific version of marlin since it still seems like a relatively new board. You have to be aware that no one has a compiled version of the firmware that you need. If you’re okay to pull things together from various sources and patch together your own firmware, then this board is just amazing.

Should Have Done This Sooner!

I am new to 3D printing and was having great trouble getting prints to start properly. Bad first layers. I found my build plate was warped, so I upgraded to BLTouch and expected quick resolution of the problem. No such luck. OK, I said, let’s get a verified flat surface, so I bought a glass bed, carefully leveled the bed and, better results, but only for one print. If I moved the printer to another room, the bad first layer returned.

I then CAREFULLY rebuilt the frame making sure everything was level, side-to-side and front-to-back. I had better luck, but still had first layer problems.

That’s when I finally noticed that there was a little wobble, and I do mean little, almost imperceptible, on the undriven Z-Axis. So I added the dual Z-Axis kit.

Night and day difference. The printer now works nearly flawlessly, and I can print a “Calibration Layer?”(G26) with near perfect results, except for issue with filament retraction (Is it possible that G26 doesn’t retract the filament?)

Anyway, much better prints. Of course I don’t know if I had done the dual Z-Axis upgrade first how anything would have been different. I don’t see that dual axis upgrade could solve the warped bed issue, but I can now print nicely on the Biqu Spring Steel build plate even without any adhesive (I never tried adhesives).

The Dual Z-Axis Upgrade was a game changer for me. Both of my Biqu B1’s have been upgraded…

Now, back to printing!!!!

Board is good, firmware requires customization.

Works great when you have everything plugged into the right connections, but the marlin firmware requires customization. The canned marlin version that’s supposed to work with this does not do what not commits to do.

Very good product.

Quality product. Working like a charm.