BIQU 235mm*235mm Partitioned Hot Bed Compatible for Ender 3 B1 Hurakan

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Product Description:

Size: 235mm*235mm

Fixed leveling holes: 170mm*170mm

100W Area: 125mm*125mm

240W Area: 235mm*235mm


Key Features:

1. Say goodbye to motherboard support – our hotbed excels at 125 * 125MM middle-range zoning heating without any external assistance.

2. Experience 20% faster heating times compared to standard hotbeds.

3. Enjoy enhanced adhesion during your prints, thanks to the cutting-edge coating on our new zoning hotbed.

4. No more worries about your prints falling off – our hotbed comes with a zoning indication range using the brand new black PEI, ensuring your prints stay securely in place.

5. With our partitioned heat bed, we've incorporated a middle heat insulation groove, reducing unnecessary heat loss and ensuring even temperature conduction in the central 125 * 125MM area.


Customer Reviews

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cameron d.u.
Great heat bed

Great heat bed upgrade for the sv06 it got rid of the junk stock bed that I've had to replace 4 times now due to the cable breaking, this on has a much better cable support and design so it doesn't yank on the the cable as much,

It heats up so fast and cuts prep time in half easily the heat zone is so cool too and just over all better experience than the stock one. Perfect upgrade if you are tired of replacing the sv06 bed