BIGTREETECH Pad 7 with Pre-installed CB1 Core Board for Running Klipper

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Improve print quality and speed.Equipped with an ADXL345 accelerometer, it will help improve printing speed and quality remarkably, allowing for faster, more precise, and more reliable 3D printing.
Adaptive light screen to protect eyes.The brightness of the screen varies according to the brightness of the environment it is in.
DIY Friendly, replaceable built-in CB1 core board.We provide CB1 OS Image as well as source code and other files, so you can edit code and install it on your 3d printer. Or you can choose to replace the CB1 with CM4 and upgrade it to Linux so it can even be a mini-computer.
Various interfaces.The tablet supports various interfaces such as USB 2.0, Ethernet, CAN, and SPI, and comes with a SanDisk 32 GB memory card for storage.
Wide compatibility.The screen itself can be compatible with almost all FDM 3d printers. In addition, this screen is also compatible with BIGTREETECH SKR, Octopus series motherboards, EBB tool boards, etc.

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Product Description

Intro: The BIGTREETECH Pad 7 is a 7-inch IPS touchscreen tablet designed specifically for 3D printing enthusiasts. It comes with Klipper and KlipperScreen pre-installed and features a high-quality 7-inch IPS touchscreen. Also, it is not only a Klipper screen but also a mini-computer. The built-in CB1 Core Board can be detachable, you can replace it with CM4 and make it a mini-computer.


Not only a Klipper Pad

Klipper Pre-installed

7-inch IPS Touch Screen

178° Viewing Angle

CB1/CM4 Compatibility

Rich Expansion Interface

Open Source

Strategic Partnership


The cooperation between KLIPPER and BIGTREETECH makes firmware for 3D printing enthusiasts more convenient to use and helps to further enhance the printing experience. BIGTREETECH is committed to establishing a completel 3D printing ecosystem, striving to bring more possibilities to the 3D printing industry and pushing the technologicall advancement of 3D printers to make 3D printers faster, better, and easier.

Klipper Pre-Installed

Enjoy improved print speeds and the convenience of a pre-installed Klipper firmware, allowing your 3D printer to operate more efficiently and complete projects faster than ever before, while also saving you time on setup and configuration.

Upgrade Your Printing Speed and Quality

With the BIGTREETECH ADXL345 Module and Klipper's Input Shaper, you can elevate your print quality to new heights and achieve the finest model quality possible.

Enjoy Wireless Printing

Pad 7 provides you the flexibility to control your 3D printer either through its intuitive touchscreen or by wirelessly connecting to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Wi-Fi.

Powered by BIGTREETECH CB1 Core Board

Featuring a pre-installed CB1, the Allwinner H616 ARM Cortex-A53 processor (64-bit, 1.5GHz), provides a powerful computing platform for Klipper's smooth and seamless operation.
(Note: The CB1 can be detachable. If changing it to CB1 eMMC, it requires the screws and gaskets originally installed on CB1. If changing it to CM4, the CM4 replacement kit is already included in the package.)

Support running Klipper or Linux

Pad 7 is a KlipperScreen that can be used while printing, but it can also running Linux that can be used for daily entertainment, like watching videos or browsing the Internet.

Explore the Possibilities with Open Source

Pad 7 is open source, allowing developers and users to freely access and modify the source code to meet their personalized needs.

Compatibility & Expandability

Wide Compatibility

Thanks to open source, transferred from SD card or USB port, users can change firmware by edit the code. The Pad 7 can support Voron 2.4, VZbot, Ender-3, BIQU B1 SE Plus, etc.

*Note: At the moment the BIQU B1 is not fully supported by the Pad 7. If you plan to use the Pad 7 with a B1 then you may experience rare connectivity dropouts. Our engineers are working to resolve this. Other printers are unaffected.

Rich Connectivity

• USB-A *3
• TF Card Slot
• CAN bus
• RJ45
• SPI Interface
• 3.5mm Audio Jack

*Note: At the moment the BIQU B1 is not fully supported by the Pad 7. If you plan to use the Pad 7 with a B1 then you may experience rare connectivity dropouts. Our engineers are working to resolve this. Other printers are unaffected.

Improved Using Experience

7- inch IPS Touch Screen

Features a 7-inch IPS capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 and a 60Hz refresh rate, providing high definition and rich colors.

• Resolution: 1024×600
• View angle: 178°
• Status indicator: RGB
• Volume adjustable via button: Speaker

Touch Feedback

Each tap is met with subtle vibrations, providing a tactile confirmation of your actions.

Auto Backlight Adjustment

Pad 7 automatically adjusts its screen brightness based on your surroundings, providing optimal visibility and reducing eye strain.

Durable and Reliable

Featuring a high-quality IPS screen combined with a meticulously designed shell structure, ensuring excellent impact resistance. Even in the event of accidental drops, it is less likely to shatter or get damaged.

Magnetic Holder

Adopting a magnetic suction bracket, it is more convenient to adsorb when using the bracket.

Dimensions & Specs


7 inches



Refresh Rate


Viewing Area


Viewing Angle



500 Cd/㎡


DC12V 2A

Rated Power

7.3 W

Display Port


Touch Port


PC Connection

Type-C (CM4 eMMC Writing OS)


USB 2.0×3, Ethernet, CAN, SPI, SoC-Card, 3.5mm Jack

Core Board: BIGTREETECH CB1 V2.2, 1GB, with a 32 GB Memory Card

What's in the box?

Quick View User Manual



Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Good Product

But no duck in the box :(

György Gál

Worked like charm, out of the box. Copied over my klipper config files, done some update and it worked.

Tomasz Turkowski

All is perfect. The BTT-Pad7 is phenomenal.


It works perfectly with sovol sv06. Easy setup 👌

Brad Clarke
BTT Pad 7 - great Klipper experience

I received the BTT Pad 7 for Christmas from the family.
I wanted a device with a screen to set up both of my printers, and the Pad 7 was perfect solution for it.
Used kiauh to get everything set up for multiple printers, making sure to keep a copy of the original config, so that the CB1 MCU was still available when needed.
Other than some very rare problems with wi-fi when it connects to wi-fi channel 1, it's been working great.
I was hoping to be able to run two USB web cameras as well as two printers, but it seems there isn't enough USB bandwidth available on the board to handle two cameras.