BIGTREETECH S42C v1.1 42 Stepper Motor Closed Loop Driver Board with OLED Display

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Kits: Kit 1: Driver Board + OLED screen w/protective cover + Motor
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Product Description:

BIGTREETECH S42C is a closed-loop driver board to control the stepper motor. The main control is STM32G031G8U6 and the encoder is TLE5012B. With dual H-bridge drivers, S42C supports Step mode and UART mode. To avoid pulse loss and increase by reflecting the rotation angle of the stepper motor to the control board, compare the distance to be rotated with the actual rotation distance, calculating the error value and compensating. The driver board improves the motor performance, processing speed, and printing precision. The main control chip can detect the pulse loss caused by long-time working and then compensate so that the printer can work normally.  

Key Features:

  • Complete Set, Plug and Play. S42C comes as a complete set with no need for assembly or debugging, ensuring immediate use right out of the box.

  • Ensure printing accuracy when printing at high speed. Maintains accuracy with no pulse loss even at high-speed printing.

  • User-Friendly Interface. Equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED screen for parameter modification, enabling easy and convenient human-computer interaction.

  • Parameter Memory. Settings can be saved for future use, eliminating the need for reconfiguration.


S42C User Manual

Customer Reviews

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Ladislav B.


Phillip B.

an absolute brilliant addition to the printer

Great product just..

I'm confused about the magnet does it just attach In the center of the stepper? (Video of kit assembly would be welcomed)
I use an Ender v2 with an Skr 1.4 Turbo board, Is there particular settings to program or is it plug and play after calibration?

Hi, if you have any using problems, please 'submit a ticket' from BIQU Equipment, and choose it from the site map. The professional technical personnel will soon settle down your confusion. Here is the link.

Have a nice day!