BIGTREETECH TMC5160T/TMC5160T Plus Stepper Motor Driver SPI Mode

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Type: TMC5160T Plus(W/o case)
Size: 2PCS

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Type: TMC5160T Plus(W/o case)
Size: 2PCS

Key Features:

TMC5160T Plus is a high-power stepper motor driver control module, featuring 8 high-power MOSFETs separately mounted on the board with a maximum voltage of 60V. This supports a wider range of stepper motors and offers greater adaptability.

  • 8 high-power MOSFETs separately mounted on the board with 100V voltage resistance, 93A current resistance, and equivalent resistance as low as 6mΩ, significantly enhancing the drive's performance
  • Supports a maximum voltage of 60V, a maximum effective current (IRMS) of 10.6A, and a sine wave peak current of up to 15A
  • StealthChop TM mode and SpreadCycleTM mode selectable, with standalone mode, UART mode, and SPI mode selectable
  • Generates significantly less heat compared to other drives with the same chip model, and outperforms others on the market
  • Can prevent motor jitter and avoid losing steps
  • Tested to drive 36, 42, 57, 86, etc., stepper motors
  • ESD protection on the drive power, logic power, etc., to prevent damage due to power fluctuations and static electricity
  • On-board 24V always-on fan interface facilitates active cooling
  • Encoder interface reserved for DIY usage
  • Integrated heat sink design, providing high heat dissipation while enhancing structural integrity and aesthetics
  • Supplied with adapters and wires for both standard drives and EZ drive, for user convenience
  • Heat sink pre-designed with fan mounting holes for DIY fan installation.


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TMC5160T Plus

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas B.
Chonky Driver

Absolute beast of a driver. Fast shipping, came really well protected in the packaging.

Minas k.
TMC5160T Plus big boy

all good and fast ship

Technische U.M.-.M.F.
Got all necessary informations

Received Schematics which contains all important information

Joseph R.
Big Driver Big Performance

So far, these drivers appear to be great, they are well made and have all of the parts needed to install them and get them running. Packaging is adequate but could be a bit more accommodating.

Vitali D.

BIGTREETECH TMC5160 V1.3 Stepper Motor Driver SPI Mode