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Unlock the power of BIGTREETECH Pi 2 AI and elevate your projects with a complimentary 3-month trial of Obico AI's Pro Plan.   BIGTREETECH Pi 2 1. The customized computer single board for 3D printer users not only supports a...

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Unlock the power of BIGTREETECH Pi 2 AI and elevate your projects with a complimentary 3-month trial of Obico AI's Pro Plan.



1. The customized computer single board for 3D printer users not only supports a variety of expansion functions, but also can be connected to 12V/24V powered 3D printers without an adapter, making it very friendly to 3D printer users.
2.RK3566 processor and powerful storage function. Pi V2 not only has built-in RAM 2G, ROM 32G eMMC, but also supports SD card and 2M solid-state drive expansion to meet your basic needs for running Klipper on Debian storage software, documents, and surveillance videos.
3. Support DSI/CSI extension. The camera can be connected through the DSI interface; connected to the FPC port on the BTT PITFT screen through the DSI interface, or connected to the BTT HDMI screen through the HDMI interface. (Note: Pi2 does not have an SPI interface. If you need to use an SPI screen, you need to connect it with IO2 CAN or EBB and U2C)
4. Support 5G network, Wi-Fi data transmission is more stable.
5. The size of CB2 is the same as that of CB1/CB1 eMMC and Raspberry Pi 4B/CM4, but the size of Pi2 is slightly longer than that of Raspberry Pi 4B. Please refer to the size chart of P12 to choose the appropriate installation location.


Get to know Obico AI

3D Printing peace of mind: Stop worrying about what your printer is doing. Let AI watch for you. Ai sends you a notification or pauses the print when an error is detected. Obico is the successor of The Spaghetti Detective, the first and best 3D printing AI project on the market.

Advanced AI Solutions: Catch a variety types of printing errors including over and under-extrusion, warping, bed leveling issues, prints not sticking and more with Obico’s advanced Ai solutions including first layer AI and more (coming soon). 


Mobile App + Web App

  • Check in on your prints from anywhere with high quality webcam streaming
  • Access all features of your 3D printer from anywhere in the world
  • Integrates directly with your favorite 3D printing software including Klipper, fluidd, mainsail, OctoPrint, RepRap Firmware (Duet3D),  OrcaSlicer


📹 Unlimited Webcam Streaming

Check in on your prints and watch the live webcam stream from anywhere.

🪄 AI Failure Detection

AI watches your prints for failures so you don’t have to. Configure settings to pause the print or just notify you when a failure is detected. Learn more about AI failure detection.

🛎️ Print Status Notifications

Fully customizable printer status notifications are available via mobile push notifications, email, SMS, Telegram, Discord, and many more channels.

🎮 3D Printer Remote Control

Start, stop, pause, and control every aspect of your 3D printer from anywhere on any device. Upload and manage G-Code, check when your print will finish, adjust flow rate, fan speed, and more.

📱 Mobile App for OctoPrint

The highly rated Obico mobile app for OctoPrint, available for iOS and Android, gives you an easy way to monitor and control your 3D printer at all times whether you are home or away.

If you have a favorite OctoPrint mobile app, Obico’s OctoPrint tunneling feature lets you use OctoApp, Polymer, and OctoPod from anywhere.

🔥 Easily Manage Multiple Printers

Manage multiple printers connected to OctoPrint from one easy-to-use application from any device.

🤝 Share Prints with Your Friends

Share a secure link to your printer’s live webcam stream with your friends so they can watch your prints come to life.

📊 3D Print Statistics

Monitor your 3D printing activity over time. See how much filament you’ve used, how many times, or how many hours you’ve 3D printed.

📁 G-Code File Management and Print History

Upload G-Code files to Obico, and manage files stored within OctoPrint remotely through the Obico mobile app or web app. Keep track of how long files take to print and how many times they have been printed.


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