BIQU B1 Dual Z Upgrade Kit

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Jeffrey Marchal
Should Have Done This Sooner!

I am new to 3D printing and was having great trouble getting prints to start properly. Bad first layers. I found my build plate was warped, so I upgraded to BLTouch and expected quick resolution of the problem. No such luck. OK, I said, let’s get a verified flat surface, so I bought a glass bed, carefully leveled the bed and, better results, but only for one print. If I moved the printer to another room, the bad first layer returned.

I then CAREFULLY rebuilt the frame making sure everything was level, side-to-side and front-to-back. I had better luck, but still had first layer problems.

That’s when I finally noticed that there was a little wobble, and I do mean little, almost imperceptible, on the undriven Z-Axis. So I added the dual Z-Axis kit.

Night and day difference. The printer now works nearly flawlessly, and I can print a “Calibration Layer?”(G26) with near perfect results, except for issue with filament retraction (Is it possible that G26 doesn’t retract the filament?)

Anyway, much better prints. Of course I don’t know if I had done the dual Z-Axis upgrade first how anything would have been different. I don’t see that dual axis upgrade could solve the warped bed issue, but I can now print nicely on the Biqu Spring Steel build plate even without any adhesive (I never tried adhesives).

The Dual Z-Axis Upgrade was a game changer for me. Both of my Biqu B1’s have been upgraded…

Now, back to printing!!!!

Branko Rumenjak
great thing

helps the stability of the Z axis