BTT TMC2208 TMC2130 V3.0 Stepper Motor Driver

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TMC2208 V3.0
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Name: BIGTREETECH (BTT) TMC Stepper Motor Driver
Item Type: Driver
Size: 15 x 20mm
Material: PCB
Feature: Silent
Function: StepStick Mute Drive
Color: Black
Use: For 3D printer parts
TMC2100 Version: V1.0
TMC2130 Version: V3.0
TMC2208 Version: V3.0
TMC2130 V2.0 Pin: ENIG





   1. Adjust the potentiometer with a special ceramic screwdriver. Otherwise, the drive is easy to be damaged.

   2. The heat sink on the drive block is stuck to the middle of the chip (the other driver is the same), otherwise, it is liable to be shortened in current with the next pin.



This option is not wired and requires you to solder yourself when using SPI mode: Welding method: welding CFG4 to GND, CFG5 to VCC .



If you want to use the SPI model conveniently,we suggestion you choose the kit ,4 PCS TMC 2130 V1.1 with wire  option .  




TMC2130 V2.0


  • Supports three control modes of STEP/DIR/SPI interface.
  • Combined maximum efficiency and optimum motor torque operation without noise.
  • High accuracy no sensor motor load detection
  • High load driver will not lost step.
The kit don't to modify something.


    Configuration: CFG/SPI

    microsteps: Up to 1/256

    microPlyer: 1/256

    Logic Voltage VI0: 3-5V

    Motor Voltage : 5.5-46V

    Motor Phase Current: 1.2A RMS, 2.5A Peak


    This module is similar to TMC2100, which will generate a lot of heat energy when it working. Therefore, heat sink and heat dissipation fan must be added to cool it down during the use, which reduce the occurrence of losting steps and running deviation)

    STP/ DIR/SPI model Usage
    1.STP/ DIR Working Mode

    (1)Welding resistance at R5 position to make the driver STP/DIR working mode;

    (2)Work mode selection: SDI (CFG1), SCK (CFG2)

    2. SPI working mode wiring instructions:

    Before wiring, you need to select the working mode of the driver module for hardware operation:

    (1) Weld CFG4 and CFG5as shown in the red area (i.e., CFG4 to GND, CFG5 to VCC); (spreadcycle mode can only be used with proper welding)

    Remove the resistance at the R5 position so that the driver is in SPI working mode.

    The wiring diagram is shown as follows:

    The wiring diagram:

    Find the AUX-3 expansion port on the board and connect to the corresponding pin:


    1.When choosing SPI working mode, please use soldering iron carefully to prevent scalding hands. When you have finished processing, you should carefully observe whether there is residual tin residue in the module. You must clean it up to prevent it from causing the module to short circuit and burn down.

    2.When you connect, please pay attention to the line sequence and IO port. The wrong connection will directly cause the driver to fail to work. Please connect carefully to the above drawing.

    3.When you insert the driver into the motherboard, you should be careful to see the driver direction clearly. And must not insert the driver backwards to prevent the drive from burning.

    4.The driver must do a good job of heat dissipation before working (heat sink + cooling fan) to prevent the driver from working abnormally.


    TMC2208 V2.1

    TMC2208 V2.1 single-axis stepper motor drive chip, power tube built-in drive current 1.4A peak current 2A, voltage range 4.75V-36V, 256 subdivision; with patented technology spreadCycle ™ high chopper frequency, dcStep ™, stallGuard2 ™ stall detection technology, CoolStep ™ current dynamic adjustment technology, can save 70% of the energy, StealthChop mute technology.

    Flexible microPlyer interpolation unit, the component can provide up to 256 microstep / step resolution, even in the pulse rate is limited system can still be perfect to achieve sinusoidal control; As stealthChop fine music technology is widely used in 3D printing, so These components are also designed to be compatible with existing 3D printer electronics, eliminating the need for costly redesign. Both components have pulse / direction input, can be completely independent operation. The configuration is implemented via digital input.

    Can replace the original TMC2100 ,lower heat, especially for the 3D printing market!!!



    Configuration: CFG or UART

    microsteps: Up to 1/256

    microPlyer: 1/256

    Logic Voltage VI0: 3-5V

    Motor Voltage : 5.5-36V

    Motor Phase Current: 1.2A RMS, 2.0A Peak





    Drive current algorithm and regulation:

    • The drive current algorithm: i = Vref * 1.9 / 2.5, the default Vref about 0.65v, so the default current 0.5A, the maximum current 1A

    • Vref measures Gnd and potentiometer middle end voltage

    • When measuring voltage must not connect the motor, or easy to burn drive

    • Measuring voltage should be connected to power, do not just connect the USB power supply.

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    Máté Ádám Illés

    BTT TMC2208 TMC2130 V3.0 Stepper Motor Driver

    Jakub Kubik

    BTT TMC2208 TMC2130 V3.0 Stepper Motor Driver


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