BIQU H2 V2S REVO Extruder

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Type: H2 V2S REVO Extruder

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Type: H2 V2S REVO Extruder

Product Description


Easy Nozzle Swaps with Fingers, joint research and development with E3D.

198g lightweight 

Support 300℃

Dual gear 7:1

Labor-saving level

Revo Brass Nozzle

Change nozzles at room temperature using just your fingers. No complex tools, no hot tightening. Moreover, Revo nozzles are a factory sealed nozzle and heatbreak in one, so they're easy to fit and can't leak material when in use.

Revo HeaterCore

Heat up much faster than a typical heaterblock. It's designed to be much safer, too - a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) means power reduces as it gets hotter, reducing hazards in theevent of a thermal runaway.

Super Lightweight

H2 V2S Revo weighs only 198g, which contributes to less inertia and more accurate positioning.

Dual Gear Feeding

H2 V2S Revo features a dual-gear system to provide an exceptional pushing force, ensuring smooth feeding and giving snappy retractions.

Adjustabe Filament Loading Tension

Simply rotate the tension screw to accommodate different filaments, improving the printing success rate.

Labor-Saving Lever

The upgraded lever, a labor-saving and convenient design, eliminates the need to continuously hold the handle when inserting or removing filament.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

The lightweight and wear-resistant aluminum alloy housing, high thermal conductivity heat sinks, and fan realize a better heat dissipation.

Wide Compatibility

It can collaborate with BIQU B1, BIQU BX Ender-3, Voron 2.4, Voron V0, and Vzbot.

What's in the Box

It includes an extrduer, manual, colling fan, cables, screws and so on.

Dimensions & Specs

Extrusion Method

Dual Gear Extrusion

Maximum Printing Temperature



198g (including the fan.)

Maximum Extrusion Force

7.5kg (depending on the filament.)

Extrusion (based on the existing)

1800mm3/min (depending on the filament.)


932/mm at 16 microstep (Further calibration is recommended.)

Klipper Rotation Distance


Recommended Motor Current


Gear Ratio


Drive Gear Circumference


Filament Diameter and Tolerance


HeaterCore Power




Thermistor Type

Semitec 104NT-4-R0H25H42G (NTC100K)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent Extruder with E3d Revo compatibility

Very high quality product delivered fast to UK from Asia warehouse. All taxes covered by original transaction.
BIQU products do tend to lack the box instructions for the novice customer. Connectors/Cabling supplied in the box may not suit the intended application so crimping of new connectors etc is involved there. Still a far star product!

Mat T.
H2 V2S Revo. What a beast

Installed one of these on my very much non stock Tevo Tornado and what a beast it is. Prints are amazing. Easy nozzle changes, Eazy loading and changing of filaments and looks the part too.. Only fault I can give it is that it makes a clicking sound on retracts which from what I’ve read is that there is too much play in the drive gears from the bearings having too much play in the housing. It doesn’t seem to hinder the print at all but it is a bit annoying hearing it click all the time. Other than that. I love it.

eric d.
bel objet en attendant une technique aussi bonne

Good morning,
I didn't have much time to devote to 3D printing but the object, BQ H V2S is already very beautiful as well as its 'packaging'. I'm finishing the adaptation, my XY core is little known, somewhat comparable to the "low-end" Voron, it's an economical choice. After its 'upgrade', in particular, the extruder, it should be top of the range. I'll keep you posted but I can't tell you regards

Juan C.V.V.


Johan T.
Now everything is ruined

I am a satified user of the older BIQU H2V2 and needed a new extruder for my printer. After long consideration I went for the Revo model and now everything is can I ever go back to a life without the Revo. The eas of nozzle changes, the cold pull, the lever upgrade, all such major upgrades that makes me go lyric, I talknow in terms of life before and after the BIQU H2 V2S. Excellent quality and value for money. Thanks BIQU and E3D for making this possible.