BIQU Hermit Crab V2.0 Quick Change Extruder Hotend Tool for 3D Printing

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Type: Hermit Crab V2.0 - Standard Version
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Product Description:

Hermit Crab V2.0 is a tool plate set for quickly changing print heads. The set includes three tool plates and a fixed plate to meet your needs for quickly changing and using multiple print heads on one printer.  

Key Features:

  • Lightweight innovation. Through the careful optimization design of the metal structure, the weight of the fixed plate has been successfully reduced, and a more compact configuration of components has been achieved, reducing the overall weight by 63g. At the same time, the connecting parts are upgraded to ensure a perfect and seamless connection between the tool plate and the fixed plate.

  • Strong scalability.The Hermit Crab V2 CAN version specially designed for Klipper firmware users introduces the latest LIS2DW accelerometer, X-axis limit switch, Max31865, and upgrades to the USB interface and CAN interface to provide users with a smarter and more efficient 3d printing experience.

  • Easy to disassemble. The circular buckle structure and the spring contact on the tool plate complement each other. The extrusion head can be easily removed by simply pressing the spring, making the operation simple and fast.

  • Compatible with a variety of tool heads. Flexible adaptation to various types of tool heads, including different types of print heads (such as H2, E3D Hemera, etc.), laser cutting machine tool heads, pen plotter tool heads, etc., to meet the diverse printing needs of users.


Hermit Crab 2 is a rapid tool changer for hotends.There are two versions to choose from, standard version and CAN version.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrej Č.
Very usefull

Mostly used to make a maintenance on tool head, very consistent positioning, there is no need to calibrate position of nozzle after returning tool to printer, except when changing nozzle.

Arnaud V.
Au top

Les produits de chez Biqu sont toujours aussi incroyable 😎
Excellent rapport qualité-prix


BIQU Hermit Crab V2.0 Quick Change Extruder Hotend Tool for 3D Printing