Carbon Fiber Y-Gantry Kit for Voron2.4 R1 & R2

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● Lightweight, premium design.
● Carbon fiber sourced from one of the most well-regarded manufacturers.
● Kits include carbon fiber tube brackets and rail mounting clamps.
● High precision CNC machining. Designed for Voron.
● Carbon fiber tube brackets and rail mounting clamps are made of aluminum alloy, providing a smooth, lightweight, durable, and precise part. Settle for nothing less if you want your tube to be firmly fastened to the rail.

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If you have a Voron2.4 R1 or R2, suggesting to buy:

  • Carbon Fiber Tube Kit(*3 PCS Tube) for Voron2.4 Y-Gantry (350) *1 or Edit Carbon Fiber Tube Kit(*3 PCS Tube) for Voron2.4 Y-Gantry (300) *1
  • Tube Mounting Kit(*3 PCS Mounting) for Voron2.4 Y-Gantry (MGN9) *2
  • Carbon Fiber Tube Bracket Kit(*2 PCS Bracket) for Voron2.4 Y-Gantry *3


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