BIGTREETECH BTT SKR 3 EZ Control Board Mainboard for 3D printer

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SKR 3 EZ + 5pcs EZ2209
SKR 3 EZ + 5pcs EZ5160 Pro V1.0
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Product Introduction

BIGTREETECH SKR 3 EZ V1.0 motherboard is a 32-bit 3D printer motherboard updated by the team of Shenzhen Biqu Technology Co., Ltd. for our EZ series drivers on the basis of SKR 3. It is compatible with both the EZ series driver and the series of TMC drivers

Product Features

Using 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 series STM32H743VI main control chip with a main frequency of 480MHz.

The power chip adopts TPS5450-5A, which supports DC12/24V power input. The output current of the chip is up to 5A, and the peak value can reach 6A, which perfectly supports the power supply of Raspberry Pi.

The numerical control fan realizes 24V, 12V, 5V voltage selection through the external power supply module, eliminating the need for the operation of the customer's external transformer module, thereby reducing the probability of damage to the motherboard.

The thermistor can select the pull-up resistance value through the jumper, and support PT1000 in this way without the need for external modules, which is convenient for customers to use DIY.

Supports functions such as resume printing, Filament Runout Detection, Completed Shutdown, BLTouch, RGB Lights, etc.

WIFI module (ESP-12S, ESP-07, ESP32) general interface.

Onboard EEPROM

Two types of CAN interfaces are reserved, USB port and XH2.54 6Pin terminal interface. The USB port is used to select CAN and USB through the double-pole double-throw switch, which is convenient for customers to use other accessories of the CAN interface.

The motor power supply supports up to 48V, and for the larger voltage when using TMC5160 and EZ5160, an isolation chip is used to protect the mainboard from burning IO.


 New Revolution of Driver Installation


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Mert Degirmenci
I had a question about their customer support

I wanted to return what they shipped. They never replied back to me.. lol.

RIP customer service...

Hello, we are sorry to bring you an unpleasant shopping experience. If you have any product problems, please 'submit a ticket' from BIQU Equipment, and choose it from the site map. The professional technical personnel will soon settle down your confusion. Here is the link.

Have a nice day!

When do you want it

I needed it now, and that's what I got, great fast and reliable service along with a great product, cheers

Louis-Philippe Bercier
Worked perfectly

Everything worked perfectly although i didnt see the utility of the cramping stuff but other than that everything was perfect

Works well!

I am still running everything but so far the SKR 3 EX and TFT35 v3.0.1 are awesome!


got it.. everything is good, can't wait to try it.